The illustration of Neo Blythe “Pineapple Princess” is here!


My boyfriend gave me the nickname Pineapple Princess.
When the sun is beating down on me on those hot summer days, I love to cool down with a glass of pineapple iced tea.
That’s my favorite way of relaxing leisurely.

The sunshine really compliments Pineapple Princess.
Her 50’s style fashion, bright demeanor and sparkling smile makes her a popular girl.
She wears a dress for sandy walks at the beach, and a dress and shirt for the nights out with her boyfriend, and a pair of pants for a day out with her friends!

Her dress is decorated with a pineapple and cocktail pattern, and her wide brimmed skirt elegantly flows from her waist.
Her shirt is french sleeved, tied compactly at her wrists, and her capri’s are slim and versatile.
Her many small accessories are perfect for staging a variety of scenes, with her sunglasses, hair band, heart earrings, double folded socks, and high heel pumps.

Her face color is a translucent Mocha, showing her warmly tanned skin, clear and healthy.
Her face type is radiance renew. Her hair color is brown, and her hair is cut short at her bangs, with a loose perm going down.
Her eyeshadow is brown, and her cheeks and lips are a colorful pink. one of her front facing eye chips is blue green.

*The illustration is a proof of concept and does not represent the final product.

Available July 2017
Price: 17,900 JPY

CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe “Junie Moon Home Sweet Home” is coming!


Visitors from all over will be greeted by a fresh new face at the worlds most premier Blythe store!
Her name is Junie Moon Sweet Home, a cute girl matching the very aesthetic of the Junie Moon Shop!

I live in a pink house with large windows looking out.
If you peer in, you might see a cute bird cage housing many adorable little birds with beautiful voices.
I love to have tea with all of my friends from all over the world.
My name is Junie Moon, come over to my house and lets relax together!

This summer’s special doll Junie Moon Sweet Home is a Lolita inspired girl.
Her dress combined mini hat with head accessory creates a delightful combination!
The coloring is pink and blue, with the ribbon acting as an accent.
Her clothing consists of a pink/blue/white striped dress with a jumper skirt with a printed on illustration of an adorable house.
Her mini hat is made to look see through, with pink piping in the brim as well as a accent ribbon with the Junie Moon logo on it.
The set is completed with a pair of ribbon piercings and a pair of strap shoes.

Her face type if Radiance Renew, and her face color is translucent cream.
Her eye shadow is olive green, and her cheeks and lip color is pink.
Her eyes are all special colors! Light purple, light brown, sky blue, light blue.
Her eye lashes are the default shape with a brown coloring.

The illustration is a design and does not represent the final product.

Available July 2017
Price: ¥18,400

Blythe Creative Producer Junko Wong has a quick message about the 2017 anniversary doll.


“I have been thinking a great deal about the 16th Anniversary doll which will come out in Fall 2017.
Please stay tuned as image illustrations, photos, and updates will be forthcoming!”

Behind 2017 Anniversary Blythe by Junko Wong
Garden of Joy

The Garden of Joy is a place where one can find it’s own piece of happiness.
With each flower that blooms, joy spreads far and wide.
This is a special place that can put a smile on any face and happiness in any heart.

Every flower has a name, a color, a shape and a special fragrance.
The differences are obvious and each flower is unique and incomparable to another just like each person on this planet is beautiful in their original way.
These are the thoughts that flow in my mind when I look at the 16th anniversary Blythe. So I named her Garden of Joy.
This is the year of euphoria. You can call her Joy.

When Garden of Joy was in the making, the first and most important factor was beauty, then kindness and most certainly hope.

With so much turmoil and disappointment felt worldwide it was important to keep a peaceful and thankful theme with a positive attitude.
I want everyone to go to a good place when they look at the special Blythe of 2017.

An array of beautiful wild flowers are enclosed in a flowing long sheer skirt.
There is romance hidden in these flowers. She is a princess of the flower field and a giver of light and love.
You can make a wish and she is the one to make it come true.

Her hair is lush with soft looking waves that tangle gently and naturally. 

She looks as though she just ran through a field of flowers and the blossoms got caught in her hair.
She is beautiful to see and refreshing to the eye.

Truly a princess, amazing to behold.
She will bring you hours of peace and relaxing enjoyment.  Garden of Joy,  16th Anniversary Doll 2017. Going on 17.

Her folk look is an adorable thing! Announcing Neo Blythe Joanna Gentiana’s concept illustration!


In the mountains where the sky is a clear, piercing blue,
where the cold rivers nourish the people of a small village,
is a field of flowers, perfect for picking.
The yellow Gentiana found there make a perfect tea!
What a joy to be able to grow up drinking delicious tea that makes you beautiful and strong!

Joanna Gentiana’s dress reflects her upbringing in a nature surrounded mountainside.
Her folk outfit is decorated with mimosa motifs, layered with a vest and an apron sewed dress.
The puff sleeve and the front of the dress is adorned by a flower print pattern, the skirt is lined with a braided chord, and the apron is made of a cotton lace, creating a soft and gentle look for her dress.
The vest is intricately detailed, with embroidered flowers and a border along the edges.
The yellow flowers and mimosas that decorate her voluminous head accessory is what makes Joanna Gentiana amazing!

Her face type is Radiance Renew, and her face color is fair.
Her hair color is brown , and her hair style is a slightly permed long, with her bangs cut above her eyes.
Her eye shadow is green, and her cheeks and lips are pink. One of her front facing eye chips are olive green.

*The illustration is a proof of concept and does not reflect the final product.

Available: June 2017
Price: ¥17,900

New Items and Designs! Jeffrey Fulvimari Leather Wallets, Clasp Wallets,Coin Purses,& Card Case

These Jeffrey Fulvimari wallets are popular for their luxurious real leather and vibrant colors!
There are 5 items that will be available this spring, with the wallet, coin purse, clasp wallet, card case, and key case!
If you are looking for a beautifully illustrated and easy to use wallet made with high quality materials, look no further!
Everything you want is right here with these JF designed leather goods.
A group of ladies take a stroll down town in the hazy City Girls, and a girl with a dream looks on in Dreamers Girl.


This zip-around type wallet is the most popular item in the line up.
The inner pockets include a zipper pocket, large and small pockets, and a card pocket.
There are also outside pockets for easy use.
Depending on the design, the zippers will be a different color; silver for City Girls, and Gold for Dreamers Girl, with a leather strap for easy pulling.

Jeffrey Fulvimari Wallet

Two types; City Girls, Dreamers Girl
Size; W20.2×H10.5×D2.5cm (Zip-Around type)
Material; Cow leather
Made in China, Printed in Japan

Price; ¥15,500



Useful as a coin case and a pass case in the same package!
This versatile case in separated into two large pockets in the interior, with smaller pockets in each side, perfect for holding cards.
The outside is made so that IC cards can slip right in.
The zipper is silver for City Girls and gold for Dreamers Girl.

Jeffrey Fulvimari Coin Purse
Two types; City Girls, Dreamers Girl
Size; W10.6×H7.6×D1.6cm (Zip-Around type)
Material; Cow leather
Made in China, Printed in Japan


Price; ¥7,500



This card case is slim and simple.
The strap is removable and openable with the snap button.
The metal parts are silver for City Girls and gold for Dreamers Girl.

Jeffrey Fulvimari Card Case
Two types; City Girls, Dreamers Girl
Size; W7.8×H10.5cm Strap attached
Material; Cow leather
Made in China, Printed in Japan


Price; ¥5,500


Wrap your important keys and keep them scratch free and safe with this key case!
Never worry about your keys making a mess in your bag again.
The metal parts are silver for City Girls and gold for Dreamers Girl.

Jeffrey Fulvimari Leather Key Case
Two types; City Girls, Dreamers Girl
Size; W5.5×H12.2cm Strap attached
Material; Cow leather
Made in China, Printed in Japan


Price; ¥7,500

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