Small and Medium sizes of the “Flat Pouch” featuring “Garden of Joy” is coming!


The new flat pouch features 16th Anniversary Neo Blythe “Garden of Joy”.
She is like a glorious flower emerging from the garden. There are two new sizes in small and medium for all your needs.

Get both sizes to move your daily essentials from bag to bag.
The gorgeous and colorful design will be sure to draw attention every time you use it!

This beautiful pouch even makes a perfect gift!

Blythe S Flat Pouch
One Type / Garden of Joy
Size: 10.5m x 14cm
Material: 100% cotton, with lining
Made in Japan
Available : July 1st, 2017
Price: 1000 JPY

Blythe M Flat Pouch
One Type:Garden of Joy
Size: 15 x 21cm
Material: 100% cotton, with lining
Made in Japan
Available : July 1st, 2017
Price: 1600 JPY

CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe “Junie Moon Home Sweet Home” Pre-order Schedule


We are happy to announce the highly anticipated CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe “Junie Moon Home Sweet Home” pre-order will start from June 14!
Please note, the image is not the final product. The final product may vary from the image above.

There are many new design elements to this doll so read on for details:

Face Type: Radiance Renew (brand new face mold based off of Radiance)
Face Color: Translucent Cream
Makeup: Eyeshadow- Olive Green, Lip- Light Pink, Cheek-Light Pink
Eye Color: Light Brown (front), Light Purple (right), Sky Blue (front), Light Blue (left) *All special colors.
Eyelash: Light Brown
Earrings: Small Ribbon Shaped Posts

The set includes: Doll, dress, underskirt, hat, earrings, shorts, socks, shoes, paper accessories, and stand (17.5 cm)

Preorder Starts: June 14, 2017
Schedule Release Date: July 25, 2017
Price: 18,400 JPY


We will have 500 available for Junie Moon international online shopping customers. Please note, these are limited one per customer. Sold on a first come, first served basis. No cancellations on pre-order dolls.

* Final design may vary from this image.
* Please note the images is taken from a prototype that is still under development. It may differ from final specifications.
* Doll comes with paper craft accessory of Junie Moon shopping bag.
* All dates and time Japan time.
* Doll will ship from July 25th.

Announcing new “Garden of Joy” Blythe Smartphone Case


The Blythe 16th Anniversary design “Garden of Joy” appears on our special Blythe Smartphone cases!
There are two sizes available M and L. This elegant and feminine design is perfect for your smart phone.

Just slide the phone upward to take snapshots!
Even if the camera lens is at a lower position, this case accommodates every configuration by it’s easy to use magnet belt design!

The inside of the cover is lined with card pockets, making carrying your valuables in one spot easy.
There are two convenient strap holes on the top and bottom of the case so there won’t be any worry of dropping your phone.

Blythe Notebook Smart Phone Case
3 Types: Gardn of Joy
Size : S/H13.7 × W6.7 × D1.5cm, M/ H14.6 × W7.6 × D1.5cm,  L/H15.4 × W8.1 × D1.5cm
Materials: Synthetic Leather, Polycarbonate
Made in Japan

Release Date: July 1st, 2017
Price: 3,800 JPY

16th Anniversary Doll “Neo Blythe Garden of Joy” 2nd interview with Junko Wong is here!

Creative Producer Junko Wong talks about the “Garden of Joy!” We look forward to her release!  
Behind 2017 Anniversary Blythe by Junko Wong.

Garden of Joy
Creative Producer Junko Wong talks about the “Garden of Joy!” We look forward to her release!  

Q1. What kind of girl is Garden of Joy?
A1、Garden of Joy is euphoric and feels excited and happy to be alive. 
She knows the meaning of the “joy of life” to it’s fullest extent and knowing her will inspire you to love and laugh. 
She is always smiling softly. Her eyes are shining and looking far ahead.
She flings her hair aside and looks deep into a person’s heart.
Her euphoria is internal but she exudes it through her presence.
She has a gentle touch and her fingertips are cool and comforting.  I believe she is a healer and a reminder of doing what is right.
She is ageless. She is young and she is old. She is naive and she is wise. She is Joy.
Q2. What is Garden of Joy’s make up, skin and hair type, and charm points?
A2. Her makeup is pretty, natural and dewy. It gives her an image of purity.
Her hair is flowing and wavy. It looks as though she let the wind blow gently through her hair.
Q3. What is her fashion like?
A3. She is wearing a dress that transforms her into garden.
She is wearing the garden on herself. She is the garden of joy and her dress represents that.
Q4. What are the reasons why you chose to make her outfit and makeup like that?
A4. The makeup and fashion are what visualizes the philosophical concept of Garden of Joy.
It pulls it all together.
Q5. What are your top three most favorite flowers?
A5. My favorite flower is the rose because of its beauty, fragrance, vulnerability an d strength.
I love it also because there are so many species unique in it’s own way yet still a rose.
I love fragrant flowers such as the jasmine and lilac and grow them in my garden.
I love uniques tropical flowers such as the plumeria and puakenikeni that are also both fragrant and remind me of the vast ocean and never ending sky.
Q6. Are there any places on earth that you consider to be paradises?
A6. I have been to Bali and to a remote part of Hawaii called Hana both considered the last paradise on earth.
I have been to the countryside of europe where the flower fields expand beyond the horizon.
Q7. Why is that?
A7.The climate and the terrain are different but are all like paradise to me.
Anywhere you can capture a moment of peace,where the land is loved and cared for and the sea, sky and the mountains meet in harmony is paradise to me.
Q8. What are some fun activities you can do with Garden of Joy
A8. First try seeking quiet contemplation with Garden of Joy. And then take her out to places YOU think is paradise.
Surround her with flowers that are YOUR favorite.
These thought processes will give you many hours of bliss.
Q9. What kind of fashion looks good on Garden of Joy
A9.She is a very pretty girl so I am sure she will look good in anything.
She is timeless so she can be dressed in fashion from the past such as the Victorian period or she can a modern girl in today’s fashion formal or casual.
Q10. Lastly, what was your message you wanted to send through Garden of Joy
A11. She is our anniversary doll so she is very special to us.
We want to express more than just hobby or collecting, we want her to be a manifestation of hope, joy and love. 
We hope that having her in your home will become a symbol of these important emotions and that she will bring the owner euphoria and happiness.
Isaac Wong llustration is here

Come visit the green village of Neo Blythe “Joanna Gentiana”


The village home of Joanna Gentiana lives a blessed life in nature.
All of the villagers are kind hearted and they live in peace and harmony.
She makes her famous tea from the rare “yellow gentian” flower which all of the villagers love.

Joanna Gentiana wears a cute folk costume that includes delicate motif of mimosa and wild roses.
Light pink and dark green are soft and gentle against the dark base colors.
She wears a soft cotton lace apron with a billowy blouse printed with tiny rose motif on the chest, the skirt has tiny mimoa prints and pompoms.
The head accessory is a adorable addition with large flowers and delicate mimosa printed headband to frame her sweet face.
The head accessory attaches under the chin.
She wears black socks and bright red strap shoes.
Finally her basket is the perfect fit for her trip into the forest and hills.

This is the new Radiance Renew face mold in Fair skin color.
She has long brown hair with a lose perm and bangs.
Her make up is the image of a healthy girl with green eye shadows, pink cheeks and lips.
She has a special olive green eyes with a forward gaze.


Face Type: Radiance Renew (new face mold)
Face Color: Fair
Makeup: Eyeshadow- green, Lip- Pink, Cheek- Pink
Eye Color: Olive Green (front), Blue (Right), Pink (front), Stock Green (Left)
Eyelashes: Black
Hair Color: Brown

The Set Includes: Doll, one piece dress, vest, head accessory, basket, shorts, socks, shoes, and stand (height 17.5 cm)

Preorder Starts: May 25, 2017

Shipping Date: June 23, 2017
Price: 17,900 JPY

* The hair has been arranged for product images.

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