Enjoy the Winter Briskness with Your Big Fluffy Coat! Neo Blythe Patty Patch Illustrations!


It’s a cold day out, but I gotta go to school…
I wear my puffy coat for days like these!
I’m gonna wear my favorite pompom headdress and cozy boots so I’m ready for the winter air!

Patty Patch is a freckled girl full of energy who enjoys getting dressed up for the colder months. She wears her Nordic patterned dress with a big velvet ribbon with her fluffy boa coat. Her accessories are a pompom headdress and boa boots.

Her face type is Radiance+, and her face color is fair.
Her brown hair is a permed semi-long, cut straight across the bangs.
Her eyeshadow is green, and her cheeks and lips are orange.
The right facing eyechips is a special light gray color.

The illustration is a proof of concept and does not represent the final product.

Available December 2018
Price: 17,900 JPY

* Junie Moon International Online Shopping will sell this doll from November 6, 2018.
* Please stay tuned for purchase details in the weeks before the pre-order.

New Blythe Frill Purses Coming Your Way!


A brand new type of purse is coming soon featuring Unicorn Maiden, Mermaid Tasha, Sherry Victorian, and Home Sweet Junie Moon!

The chiffon frills elegantly cover the print in the center.

Blythe Frill Purse
Type: Unicorn Maiden, Mermaid Tasha, Sherry Victorian, and Home Sweet Junie Moon
Size: H20×W19cm
Material: Polyester
Made in China

Price: 2,380 JPY
Available October 20th, 2018
*Available first at all CWC affiliated stores.

New Blythe Doll Carrying Bags coming soon!


These are the best bags to carry your doll in!
Show off your look with these Unicorn Maiden and Home Sweet Junie Moon themed bags!
They also protect your dolls from the elements with a polyester coating, and also include handy storage pockets and an elastic bag to hold the doll down.

Make carrying around your Blythe a breeze with the shoulder strap and large carrying capacity. Don’t worry about bringing a change to your outdoor trips!


Blythe Doll Bag - Unicorn Maiden


Blythe Doll Bag- Home Sweet Junie Moon

Size: H16×W36×D105cm Handle 22cm Shoulder strap 120cm
Materials: Polyester, Faux Leather
Made in China

Price: 7,800 JPY
Available October 20th, 2018

** We still start presale on these bags from October 16.

Dear Darling fashion for dolls presents our spooky beauty “Dark Wednesday”


“Dark Wednesday” is a simple and chic dress set with a gothic twist.
There are two clothing patterns one in floral and the second in simple black.
The monotone colors can be dressed and styled in many ways.

This is a perfect dress set for Halloween and for goth and spooky scenes.

The velvet head bow affixes in the hair with a comb.





Dear Darling fashion for dolls
“Dark Wednesday”
Two colors: black, flower
22 cm doll size (Neo Blythe
Includes: one piece dress, hair ribbon, tights
Packaging: paper base, plastic bag.

* Doll, shoes and additional accessories not included.

Price: 6.300 JPY
Shipping Date: October 6, 2018

Who’s That Girl With the Strange Socks? Middie Blythe Jolly Jumbly Pippilotta Illustrations are He


I’m not like the other girls!
I’m strong as a horse, I’m funnier than a monkey, and I’m covered in freckles!
The treasures in my house are memento’s I’ve found from my adventures around the world!

This redheaded bundle of mischief is the first every Middie Blythe to come with freckles.
Her patchwork jumper skirt sometimes shows off her bloomers, and her mismatched socks and oversized shoes are her trademarks.

Her pet monkey is depicted on her head accessory, so she can always be with him.
She comes with a build able trunk set that only requires a ribbon to finish.

Her face color is fair.
Her hair is red, permed slightly with bangs.
Her eyeshadow is green, her cheeks are salmon pink, and her lips are pink.
Her eyes are yellow-green.

The illustration is a design and does not represent the final product.

Available November 2018
Price: 12,400 JPY

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