About the Artist: AKETSUN!

Welcome to our first installment to “about the artist”, where we shine a light on Japanese artists who help paved the way in doll culture!

Famous doll artist “Aketsun!” designed the “Fall Whisper” Neo Blythe dress set!
We had a mini interview with “Aketsun!” to let everyone know who she is.
“Aketsun!” entered the 1st Blythe Beauty Contest and won second runner-up.
The image of her styling doll was used for the CWC original stationery and was very popular!
You will probably recognize the image of the doll by its colorful and dreamy design.

CWC Annex made this beautiful animation for the “Fall Whisper” collaboration dress set:

“Aketsun!” has also participated in many official Blythe events like Junie Moon’s “Variety Fair” and the annual Blythe charity anniversary events.
She is a big fan of Blythe, and she devotes herself to creating for her Neo and Petite collection.
Let us introduce “Aketsun!”, a star amount Blythe artists!


Q. Please introduce yourself.

A. I have been working as a freelance illustrator since 2000.
I have been drawing cute illustrations mainly for children.
Receiving the second runner-up prize for the Blythe Beauty Contest in 2006 was the turning point for me to really get involved in the doll world!
Many of my products are sold at CWC produced dolls events.

Q. What was your first encounter with Blythe?

A. It was when I found “Sunday’s Best” at a toy shop. Her blue eyes were so beautiful that I decided to take her home instantly.

Q. Tell us about your Blythe collection.

A. I am a serious collector! I have all the Neos except PARCO Limited.
I have all of Petite Blythes, dress sets and furniture sets.
My first priority when I moved was to be able to have a space to display all of my collection!
I like them with the stock outfits and makeup very much, so when I customize dolls I buy 2 dolls, one for my collection and one for customizing.
Of course I keep all the collection cards and boxes, too!

Q. How do you play with Blythe dolls?

A. Sometimes I customize them, but most of the time I make outfits for them.
Recently I am reusing the accessories that I made for myself for the dolls as belts and hair accessories!

Q. What is your favorite Blythe?

A. I love Lounging Lovely. I like her childlike style with black hair and the bangs. She is the doll that I entered the Blythe Beauty Contest with!

Q. Do you have anything you want to do with Blythe in the future?

A. I would like to style Blythe dolls with my friends that I have met through Blythe.


For the second part of this interview go to the www.blythedoll.com archives!


Welcome Neo Blythe “Manuheali’i Paradise Girl”

Aloha! Neo Blythe Manuheali’i Paradise Girl, is coming to Junie Moon international online shopping! This island beauty wears original printed fabric by Hawaiian fashion brand Manuheali’i, see more of their beautiful designs here!



Price: 16,590yen

We will begin taking preorders for this doll from September 14 at noon, Japan time zone.
She will ship to the preorder customers from September 22.
Please help us welcome our lovely paradise girl!
Detailed information about this doll can be found on www.blythedoll.com

Site Maintenance Update

Dear Customers,

The shop will be offline for maintenance periodically between 8/30 and 9/11. If your shopping is disrupted or you cannot login to your account please wait one or two hours and try again.
We are hoping to bring you a more fun and improved shopping experience.
For any urgent requests, please contact us via the contact form.
Thank you for your understanding

Junie Moon Staff

Additional Details for Marabelle Melody and Simply Thumpty Thump Sales

Everyone is excited for the new CWC Exclusive dolls coming to the Junie Moon international online shopping site!

We would like to supply you with additional information about the sales of Blythe 9th Anniversary CWC Exclusive “Marabelle Melody” and CWC Exclusive “Simply Thumpty Thump”!

These dolls will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. They are limited one doll per customer. To keep the sales fair we will be verifying credit cards and card holders names to ensure the limit is upheld.

* Any multiple orders of these dolls will be canceled without notice.

We are expecting a lot of traffic to our online shopping site for Monday and Tuesday. Please be patient if the site is slow and you cannot get your order in. Please wait and try later in the day to place your order. We will be blocking IP addresses that flood the system, so please be sure to take your time and only submit one order. If there is any problem with our site, we will have an alternative purchasing method announced on the following business day on this site.

Please check the Junie Moon twitter and facebook accounts for updates on the sales.


Blythe 9th Anniversary CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe “Marabelle Melody”
Suggested retail price: 27,300 yen (shipping fee not included)
Sales Date: August 23, 2010 at 12:00 noon Japan Time Zone
Limit of 250 dolls
*First come, first served while supplies last


CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe “Thumpty Thump”
Suggested retail price: 10,290 yen (shipping fee not included)
Sales Date: August 24, 2010 at 12:00 noon Japan Time Zone
Limit of 140 dolls
*First come, first served while supplies last

These dolls are only available at www.juniemoonshop.com !

For all inquiries, please fill out our contact form.

Summer Holiday Schedule

Dear Customers,

We are preparing for the Japanese Obon Holiday!

Our online shopping site will be closed from 8/11/2010 to 8/15/2010.
Any orders placed during this time will be shipped from 8/19/2010.

Please note there will be no customer service representatives available during the holiday.

All queries and email will be responded to on 8/16/2010.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Best Regards,
Junie Moon International Staff

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