Middie Blythe is here!

Help us welcome Middie Blythe “Macaron Q-Tea Party”!!


Bring her home today!

♥Purchase her HERE

What is your Blythe dream?

Neo Blythe Midnight Spell and Petite Blythe Red Apple share their dreams together in this new animation!

What is your favorite Blythe dream?

☆Get Neo Blythe “Midnight Spell” here☆
☆Get Petite Blythe “Red Apple” here☆

*Blythe Animations made by CWC ANNEX production.

Dearest Blythe Diary and Greetings!

Fall is a time for contemplation and contacting old friends!

The new Blythe Hardcover notebook is the perfect book to keep as a diary or log your work progress!
They come in 4 different design covers and match some of the new Blythe totebags and pouches.
Due to popular demand, we have also created new Blythe greeting cards! The full color photo print cards are beautifully designed and are great for birthday greetings or for just a friendly note!



Everyone loves the Blythe notebooks and greeting cards! They are Made in Japan for superior quality and designed by the Junie Moon design team!

♥ Get the new Blythe hardcover notebooks here ♥

♡ Get the new Blythe greeting cards here ♡

Brand New Blythe Shop by Junie Moon!

Have you heard of Kichijoji Chara-Park? It’s the new location of KiddyLand, which used to be in Harajuku. The new shop features special boutiques for different famous characters including, Rillakuma, Miffy, Hello Kitty and of course, BLYTHE!

Junie Moon has made a new Blythe shop in Chara-Park, and it’s just as pop and sweet as the original! Blythe Creative Producer and CEO of Cross World Connections, Ms. Junko Wong was on had for the grand opening ceremony! There was also many famous idols who came and styled dolls on their own.


Please stop by our new shop next time you are in Tokyo! At the new Blythe Shop by Junie Moon, you will find the dreamy Blythe world as envisioned by CWC. You’ll be sure to leave with a few new friends and a great big smile!

* Please note, KiddyLand in Harajuku is now closed for renovations! Please come to the new Chara-Park to get in on all of the KiddyLand fun!

Blythe Shop by Junie Moon at Chara-Park, Kichijoji/
Address: Coppice KICHIJOJI, A building 6F
1-8-16, Honcho, Kichijoji, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

“My Marabelle” photo contest! Take a picture of your Marabelle and win Middie Blythe!

We are happy to announce the special photo contest to close Blythe’s 9th anniversary!
The title and theme of the contest is “My Marabelle”!
As the title says, the subject of the photo is CWC Exclusive Anniversary Neo Blythe “Marabelle Melody.”
Please style and/or customize your Marabelle and submit your very best photo!
The number “9” is pronounced “kyu” in Japanese.
To celebrate the 9th anniversary, the one winner of the photo contest wil get a collaboration Middie Blythe with the popular accessory brand “Q-pot.”, “Macaron Q-tea Party”!

Please read the rules and instructions listed below to participate the contest.
You may win Middie Blythe “Macaron Q-tea Party” around Christmas time!
Don’t miss this great chance!


9th Anniversary Special Photo Contest “My Marabelle”

[ Rules and instructions ]
-Application deadline: October 14 to December 5, 2010
-Submit to: photocon@cwctokyo.com
Please note that we only accept a digital data through email. Make the title “My Marabelle,” and write your name and comment about the picture you attach in 150 letters.
-Winner announcement: December 17, 2010
-Prize: CWC Exclusive Middie Blythe “Macaron Q-tea Party”


[ Notes ]
* Please submit a picture that’s main subject is “Marabelle Melody.” You can style and/or customize the doll as long as the base doll is “Marabelle Melody.” Also, other Blythe dolls can be included in the photo.
* Please note that works deviating extremely from the monthly theme may not be selected.
* Please send your original works only. Entering works created or produced
by others without their consent will constitute an infringement of copyright and is against the law.
* Blythe should be the main subject in your photos. Please refrain from submitting photographs of Blythe with human subjects.

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