Blythe Clothing Patterns for Beginners!

Have you been thinking of making your own wardrobe for Blythe, but you have never made doll clothing before?


We are happy to bring you, the Dolly*Dolly Kantan Doll Coordinate Recipe Book! This is a simple pattern book that will help you fill out
your dolly clothing closet. You have your basic clothing but the best part of this book is the simple Step-by-Step photo instructions! Follow along
with the book to learn the secrets of clothing construction.


Please note all of the text and instruction is in Japanese, but feel free to try your hand at perfecting the skill of doll clothing construction!

♥ Neo Blythe “Vinter Arden”  Pre-order ♥

Everyone has been waiting so patiently for the next Neo Blythe… Vinter Arden! She stole the hearts of Blythe fans in Taiwan last weekend when she attended the Tea Party and signing events.

Can you resist the charms of our gorgeous Vinter?


Her charm points are her beautiful one piece dress. It has a tiny lace apron front with triple pleating on the front and a delicate Peter Pan collar. This makes a feminine but rustic look.
Her nordic print leggings are perfect when paired with her fur covered boots! This is one of the hottest fashion trends in Tokyo this winter! Top it all off with a snuggly cardigan and she’s ready to go for a walk in the park with you.

She’s also a shiny- FBL face, which makes her look innocent and pure.

Who will you spend the chilly winter nights with? Vinter Arden, of course!

The pre-order has begun! Purchase her *HERE*
Limited to 200 piece for JM international online shopping customers.

*** Please note this is a pre-order item, she will ship on the official release date December 1st, 2001 ***

Let us know what you think of her in the comments section! ♥

A note about EMS shipping to United States

Hello everyone!

We have received many inquiries from North American Blythe lovers, asking about the USA restriction on Japan Post parcels over 16 oz.

Junie Moon shipments are not affected by this new restriction. We currently do have a contract with Japan Post and the US Postal Service, that allows us to continue to ship parcels of any weight and size to the United States and it’s territories (Guam, Saipan, Wake islands, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Midway Atoll, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Virgin Islands). 

Please rest assured that your shipment will safely arrive in the United States.

If you have any further question about shipping or Chirstmas shipping time, please contact us at the *CONTACT FORM*.

Thank you!

BUBUJOJO Remakes Thumpty Thump for Taiwan Event!

Winner of the Blythe Special Beauty Contest award, BUBUJOJO is the top Blythe artist in Taiwan. In honor of the first ever Blythe exhibition in Taiwan, CWC requested for her to make over two Thumpty Thump Blythe dolls! BUBUJOJO took on the invitation to create two beautiful dolls with one beautiful theme “Spread Love”.


Doll Name: ** Spread LOVE**
Price: 200,000 JPY (for the set)
* Complimentary shipping for this custom Blythe set.

“The concept for these two dolls is love and joy. The two sweet girls wear their beautiful dresses to bring joy to their daily events!
The colorful corset dresses and bunny hair accessories symbolize joy and auspicious feelings
These two girls are friendly and considerate just like the Taiwanese people! Welcome to Taiwan!”

* For purchase information about this set of dolls please contact us here*

Miyuki Odani Remakes Thumpty Thump for Taiwan!

CWC Exclsuive Blythe artist, Miyuki Odani transformed her Thumpty Thump into a dramatic and cotton candy haired girl of mystery.
Miyuki Odani has handmade all of the clothing including the gorgeous hat! The soft mohair wefting dramatically changes her look, and gives
“Moira” an ethereal atmosphere.

See this lovely girl in person at the Blythe Manga Girls Inspiration event in Taiwan this weekend. She will also we sold exclusively through Junie Moon!


Artist: Miyuki Odani
Doll name: Moira
Price: 130,000JPY


Sugar-coated eyelashes, peachy blush and cotton candy hair.
Her soft, glossy lips will whisper many secrets to you!
Sweet, sweet Moira.

Outfit and custom:
Her charm points are fluffy hair and subtle freckles.
Light warm colors are used for her makeup.
The delicate lace on the dress finely decorates the look.
The handmade flowers are sawed on the trad-style mini hat. She is sweet and mysterious, and will bring you much joy!

* Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this doll.

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