Junie Moon New Years Shipping Schedule

*Junie Moon Original Kimono Dress Set, Now Available!*

We are preparing of the big New Years holiday here in Japan!

Our last shipping date for the year is December 25. Please get your orders in by that day to ensure your package will
be posted before the end of the year.

Junie Moon online shopping will be on holiday from December 27 - January 6.  All orders submitted will be processed
on January 6th. Please note, this includes all inquires and customer service questions will be answered after the holiday.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

Blythe Collection Guide Book now available!


The long awaited Blythe Collection Guide Book is finally here! Junko Wong and the CWC staff took over a year to create this comprehensive collecting guide book. It outlines all of the CWC produced Neo, Middie and Petite Blythe dolls with large, vibrant photos.  There are inside scoops
about the history behind each design.


This is a must have for all Blythe collectors. Come with us on a the 10 year anniversary magical history of Neo Blythe and more!

♡Purchase your copy here! ♡

*Please note, the text is all in Japanese. First shipment of the books will be January 10, 2012.

Christmas Delivery from Junie Moon


Lots of people have been asking about our holiday shipping schedule!

The cut off date for Christmas delivery is 12/14 (Japan time)! Be sure to get your Christmas orders in by then.
We are unable to guarantee a 12/25 delivery date for any orders placed after 12/14, due to the increased processing time
of local post offices.

Please feel free to contact us in the *Contact Form* if you have any questions!

Happy Holidays!

Cuddly Kitty Blythe, Meowsy Wowsy!



The newest Neo Blythe Meowsy Wowsy is here, just in time for Christmas! This sweet kitty Blythe comes with a very fluffy kigurumi cat outfit! The large pink bow and pink apron makes he even cuter.

Have you always wanted your own cat, or are you looking for a Blythe to cuddle with? Mewosy Wowsy is your ticket to fun times with Blythe!

Preorder sessions begin December 8, 2011.
Doll Ships from December 16, 2011.

**** `Place your preorder here ****

Blythe Knows: Interview with Junko Wong about Suzi Hysteric!


We sat down with Blythe creative producer, Mrs. Junko Wong to get the inside scoop about recent CWC exclusive collaboration with HYSTERIC MINI,
Middie Blythe “Suzy Hysteric”.

Q: What kind of personality does Suzie Hysteric Middie have?
A: Suzie is a Hysteric Mini collaboration. Hysteric Mini’s Suzie as I see her is energetic, original, independent, cool, free spirited and stylish.

Q: Why did you decide to produce Hysteric Mini as a Middie instead of a Neo?
A: The name, Mini and Middie seem to go well together. The Hysteric Mini fashion brand is for kids and Middie’s image and size reflect that well. Middie has a special magic especially when it sits in the palm on your hand, she like a child - you just want to hug her.

Q: What do you think is attractive about the Hysteric Mini Brand?
A: She’s very rock and roll! I love her cool attitude. They also make clothes for both boys and girls, which lends itself to a cool tomboyish look.

Q:  What was the most difficult part of the process of the production?
A: It took over a year to make her, which is longer than normal. In Japan there are many dedicated Hysteric Mini fans and we wanted to do justice to the quality of their brand.  Their clothes are made meticulously and their vision is very clear. They have been around for years. ( Even my kids wore Hysteric Mini and they are already grown men!) Trying to make the factory recreate the Suzie hairstyle was impossible so, we made an instructional video to help fans play with Suzie’s hair.  The video teaches the Blythe fans how to style the doll’s hair like the Hysteric Mini logo girl.

Q: What do you suggest as a fun way to play with Suzie?
A: Fans should get together with their friends and try their hand at styling Suzi’s hair! 

Check out the instructional video below:

Q: Its been one year since Middie was born. How do you feel?
A: Its only been a year? It seems like she has been around for ages. It took several years to develop her so it feels strange to hear its only been a year. We are so happy to have her as our
newest edition to the Blythe family!

** Thank you for the interview Junko san! To get your very own Middie Blythe Suzi Hysteric go **HERE***





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