Neo Blythe Coco Collette Lottery Information

Junie Moon will be hosting an online lottery for “Coco Collette” for international Blythe fans from 8am July 3, 2012 Japan time.


Shop Limited Neo Blythe “Coco Collette”
Price: 14,490 JPY
* Shipping cost not included in this price. Shipping cost will be calculated at the time of check out.

* Lottery starts at 8am on July 3, 2012 Japan time.
* Lottery ends at 8 am on July 10, 2012 (No entries accepted after this date).
* 50 dolls available for international Blythe fans.
* One doll per customer limit.
* Lottery winners can purchase one doll online in a Junie Moon/CCNow shopping cart. (Other items cannot be combined for lottery check out)
==> Each person can only enter the lottery once. Multiple entries will be deleted, due to previous ballot flooding.
* All dolls will ship from July 20, 2012.
* Customers will receive their EMS tracking numbers from July 23, 2012 .

Please come back here, to the Junie Moon international online shopping news section on July 3rd to access the lottery entry form. We will have further details about the lottery and payment system. All Junie Moon lottery payments will be processed through CCNow, credit card system to ensure the limit of one doll per customer.

Please contact us if you have any questions! We can’t wait to share this lovely girl with you!

New Blythe 11th Anniversary Stationary Goods

* Blythe 2013 Schedule Books- 4 new styles for our ever popular schedule books at a lower price!
Four designs to choose from.
¥1,050 ea.

* Blythe 2013 Wall Calendar- Beautifully printed with your favorite Blythe dolls.

* Blythe 2013 Desktop Calendar- For your desktop calendar, these beautiful photos are perforated and can be removed as postcards!

* Blythe Postcards- each of these great postcards can be used to send a note to your special friend.
8 styles to choose from
¥157 ea.

* Blythe A4 Clear File- These colorful and fun clear files are perfect for organizing your papers and goods.
8 styles to choose from
¥294 ea.

* Blythe 2012 Stickers- The new stickers feature popular and new Blythe dolls to come!
4 styles to choose from
¥357 ea.

These new goods will be available from June 23rd!

Junie Moon T-shirt Gift Campaign

Junie Moon is starting a new promotional campaign to thank all of our wonderful customers!

This special campaign is a Blythe sized t-shirt gift for the first 10 customers who purchase over ¥20,000 JPY at the start of each month. The shirts will each have a different letter to eventually spell out “BLYTHE” if you collect the whole set!

T-shirts will be gifted on a first come, first served basis. Only while supplies last for the first 10 orders of the month over ¥20,000 JPY.

The first Junie Moon t-shirt gift will start on Blythe’s birthday, June 23rd!

Here is the full schedule:

* Starts 06/23/2012 (10 Available)

* Starts 08/01/2012 (10 Available)

* Starts 09/01/2012 (10 Available)

* Starts 10/01/2012 (10 Available)

* Starts 11/01/2012 (10 Available)

* Starts 12/01/2012 (10 Available)

* We are unable to hold or reserve promotional items.
** We cannot accept refund or exchange for this promotional item.
*** Not intended for resale.

Junie Moon Lucky Packs available on June 23!

In honor of Blythe’s 11th Anniversary we will have special Lucky Packs available!

Lucky Packs, or fukubukuro as they are called in Japan, are a popular seasonal item in Japan. The lucky packs contain rare items and are always a surprise! The contents of each bag are unique. We will be offering Junie Moon lucky packs for the first time for international collectors!

There are 3 levels of Lucky Packs:


** SOLD OUT **


** SOLD OUT **


¥5,000 (5 packs available)
Zakka/Stationary Goods (10 items)

* Please note the quantity available is the same for Japanese and international online shopping.
** Shipping cost not included in the price.

Are you curious which dolls will be in the special packs? Some packs will contain the following Neo Blythe:

Prima Dolly Aubrey, Prima Dolly Tokyo, Prima Dolly Heather Sky, Save the Animals, Beatrice Vest, Border Spirit, Dear Lele Girl, Stella Savannah, Vinter Arden, Princess Milk Bisquit du Q.Pot, Yukinonamida Hime, Hoshinonamida Hime, Ribbonetta Wish, Bloomy Bloomsbury, or

Each bag is a blind pack, so you don’t know what you will get! It’s so exciting to see how you will be lucky!

Please note, we cannot confirm or hold any lucky packs. Contents cannot be disclosed, these are blind packs. All lucky packs will be sold on a first come, first served basis. We cannot accept exchanges or refunds for this special item.

Lucky Packs will be available at 12:00 Noon Japan time on June 23rd
, Blythe’s birthday!


** Please note, if you would like to check out using Paypal, please be sure to change your currency to US dollar when you reach the 2co check out page.

Tomoto’s Sweet Life is now at Junie Moon

Japanese illustrator Tomoto creates a sweet and lovely world with kind animals and beautiful sweets.

Tomoto “Sweet Life” A5 Ring Notebook - Reading


Tomoto “Sweet Life” A5 Spiral Notebook- Cute Birds

These sweet notebooks have all blank pages which is perfect for both note taking or as a sketch book. The light and compact design is great to take along with you. There is a great pattern detail inside of the notebook. At this nice price you should be sure to get a few to give to family and friends.


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