Junie Moon Dollywear Presents: Fuurin Yukata with Liberty of London

A new month means a new dress set from “Junie Moon Dollywear”! We collaborated with the iconic textile brand Liberty of London for our newest yukata dress set.


Summer time in Japan means plenty of parties and matsuri where you can wear your yukata! These light weight cotton kimono give a traditional look but with a new twist. This series of lovely yukata are made using Liberty of London fabric.

The floral colors bring a pop taste to each look. With five color themes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your mood. Grab this hot summer item while supplies last!


* Each yukata has the official Liberty of London tag on the inside.

Contents: Yukata and Obi


These exquisitely crafted garments are all new patterns, unique to the Dollywear line. Our seamstress creates each pattern by hand and they are made to our precise directions under the eye of the Junie Moon design team. These dress sets are exclusive to Junie Moon and LELE Junie Moon.

CWC Exclusive 11th Anniversary Neo Blythe “Red Delicious” illustration is here!


For over a decade we have released an annual Blythe anniversary doll. It has already been 11 years since the first Neo Blythe was produced.

The 11th Anniversary doll is a beloved princess you may remember. She’s based upon the fairytale of Snow White! Her name is “Red Delicious”.  Can you sense the secret of her magical beauty?

“Eleven red apples are bathed in sunlight. Their beautiful glow, and the sweet juice are irresistibly delicious. Is one enough? Can you give one to me? The bright red apple in the palm of my hand glistens in the sun. I admire it’s glossy surface and take a big bite.”

“Red Delicious” has warm and secret glow in her cheeks. Her deep blue eyes express a delicate sense of nuanced melancholy. Her green eyes reflect the deep mysteries of the forest.  Her dress has a shortened hem in the front that references the bite taken out of an apple. The dress has a full, rounded skirt to give sweet volume. The bright red color harkens back to the image of the Red Delicious Apple with a crisp accent of lace along the hem.  The avant-garde styling is also elegant with the classic princess dress theme. She has a shawl, headband and new style boots to complete her look.

Design Details:
“Red Delicious” will have special sleepy eyes! Close her eyes like she has taken a bite from the apple.
The special color eye chips have holographic film to add a twinkly look.
Her hair style is lone with a loose body perm, with adorable bangs. The hair color is a mix of milk tea and red together.
Her eyelid and eyeshadow is chartreuse.
Her cheek and lip is rose pink.
She has special black eyelashes too!
Her face type is Radiance, with cream colored skin.

** Please note, the final product may differ from the design image.

Release Date: September 2012
Price: 22,050 JPY
Limited to 2012 dolls

* Stay tuned in August for an update on the 11th Anniversary doll from Blythe Creative Producer, Junko Wong! We hope to see you then!

Welcome Middie Blythe Melomelomew


Melomelomew our cute Middie kitten!

She is the first Middie Blythe to have a kigurumi animal suit. Her cute animal suit comes has a sweet and fluffy tail!

The light blue and white striped apron is so perfect.

She loves cute things and dressing up pretty, which is why she has heart buttons, ribbon and lace on her sweet dress.

Her animal suit has adorable little cat ears complete with pink polka dot pattern inside that adds to her charming look.

Her mint green hair has soft, curly waves with bangs. She even has a matching mint green doll stand.


Skin Type: Fair
Make Up: Eyeshadow- light green, Lips- Pink, Cheeks- Pink, Eye Color- Mint Green
Hair Color: Mint Green
Set Contains: Doll, Animal Suit, Dress, Hat, Underwear, and doll stand.

Release date: August 2012
Retail price: 10,290 yen (tax included)

Purchase information will be available shortly. Please stay tuned!

Neo Blythe “Pickle Winkle” Final Illustration


Hello! My name is Pickle.

I am a member of dance team “Winkle”.

I dance with everybody everyday.

I always practice hard steps over and over again until I master it because I want to be perfect at the next stage!Please come to cheer our “Winkle” dance team!

Pickle’s fashion is monotone base coordinated with unique items.Her clothes are great for dancing. She can move around in any steps with her all-in-one attached with pumpkin shorts and no sleeves zipper parka.Her fashion point is the devil horn alike hat with Pickle’s team name “Winkle” printed on it.

The hat is also styled with huge pompoms on both sides.

Her knee height socks in magenta adds an accent color to her overall coordination.

She is also wearing double belt engineer boots!

Her hair style is popular bob in dark blonde with dark brown streak on her bangs.Her eye shadow is pink brown, lips and cheeks are pink. Her face type is Radiance and face color is cream.

The illustration is the image of the product, final production maybe slightly different.

Release date: September 2012

Retail price: 14,490 yen (tax included)

Junko Select Photo Contest Winner for June!

Photo by “macaron”

The winner of the June “Junko Select” Photo Contest was “macaron”.

Here’s Junko san’s comment:
The dress makes her look like a Hyachinth Fairy.
The photo technique itself gives it a mysterious yet organic atmosphere to the image.
Very cute!

Congratulations to “macaron”! The artist will receive Junie Moon original dress set.

Stay tuned for more information about future photo contests.

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