CWC EX Neo Blythe Royal Soliloquy Lottery


CWC EX Neo Blythe Royal Soliloquy Lottery

Price: 17,640 JPY
250 dolls available
Limited one doll per customer

* Shipping cost not included in this price.
* Shipping will be calculated at the time of check out.

All payments will be processed by CCNow, the Junie Moon lottery retailer.

Lottery Schedule
* November 1 - Lottery Begins
* November 6 - Lottery Ends
* November 7 - CCNow payment invoice sent to lottery winners
* November 12 - Payment Deadline (To ensure timely delivery)
* November 15 - Dolls Ship
* November 19- EMS tracking numbers sent to customers


Important Information:
1. Only 1 lottery entry is accepted. Multiple entries will be deleted.
2. Shipping address and customer information cannot be changed after you enter the lottery.
3. Only lottery winners will receive a CCNow payment invoice.
4. Customers are limited to the purchase of one doll per payment invoice.
5. Additional items cannot be added to the lottery purchase, we apologize for this inconvenience.
6. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB credit cards or Paypal.
7. Please be sure to make payment before the deadline. Any unclaimed dolls we will be returned to the Junie Moon stock and will be sold on a first come, first served basis one month after the lottery start date.

*Your information will be sent to us securely, stored securely and will only be used for this lottery. All data is erased after the lottery closes.

Junie Moon shop back up!

Dear friends,

Due to the high traffic from the Neo Royal Soliloquy preorder our site was down for a few days. We have been able to get the site back up and running.

For customers with questions about their orders, please contact us at

For the remaining 250 Neo Royal Soliloquy dolls we will have an international lottery. The lottery will begin on November 1st Japan time and run until November 6th.
All payments will be processed through individual secure invoices registered to the email address you enter at the time of lottery entry.

Please check back to our news section here on November 1st for the lottery entry form.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused with the site being down. We appreciate your patience while we rebuilt.

Thank you as always for your support of Junie Moon.

JM Staff

JM Shop Down for Maintenance

Dear All,

Hello! We are currently experiencing some issues with our online shopping site. Please note, we are contacting all of the customer service requests one by one. If you have a question about your order, please email us at service@juniemoonshop. com

Neo Blythe Vinter Arden is not available. Due to a glitch in the website it was live. Please do not try to process any Neo Blythe Vinter Arden orders. Your order will be deleted and credit card will not be charged.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.



Preorder for CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe “Royal Soliloquy” *Updated*

Are you ready to be the queen of the stage? You will have the best part and rule the stage as a wave of applause erupts from the audience. A pile of red roses clutter the edge of the stage as their show of love for you.

“Royal Soliloquy” wears a special queen stage costume. It has a classical taste but with a avant-garde and modern design flair.

Her stage costume is an elegant dressing coat with a prop paper crown.
Her one piece dress is luxurious and gold with crown motifs.
The lace around the neck is lovely and beautiful.
Her dressing coat has a three layered peplum with ruffles around the hem.
She wears lovely agile tights and cute boots.

She has long hair with a slight body curl, parted down the middle.


She has a mature style hair cut with shoulder length side parts, like an
elegant hime cut.
She deep red hair makes the gold of her dress shine!

“Royal Solioquy” has a gorgeous presence that makes her shine on the stage like as actress.
Her dark brown eyeshadow, orange blush and pink lips are bold.
She has a special kind of eye make up of the cat eye style eyeliner.
This is an innovation for Neo Blythe!
She has special mint green, yellow green, and light brown eyes.

She has a special fair skin with Radiance+ mold. She has a metallic black pull ring and gold stand.


Face Type: Radience+
Skin Type: Crea,
Make-up: Dark brown eye shadow, pinky beige lipstick, orange cheeks.
Eye Color: Mint green (front), brown (right), yellow green (front), light brown (left)
** All special eyecolors.
Eyelid: Dark brown (colored molding)
Hair Color: New Deep Burgundy color
Manicure: Red
Earrings: Heart Posts
Set Contains: Dress, jacket, tights, earring, boots, underpants, stand and
paper crown.

** PLEASE note our site is experiencing techincal difficulty. The remaining stock will be sold at a later date.

Preorder Date: October 28, 2013 from 9am Japan time.
Release Date: November 9, 2013
Price: 17,640 JPY

* Please note, we have 430 dolls for international customers. We are expecting high traffic during the preorder period. Junie Moon will not be held responsible for slow server speeds at that time.
If you experience slow speeds, please do not double click or reset your shopping cart. It could result in multiple charges. We have plenty of dolls for everyone.

Preorder Neo Blythe “Misha Tebya Lyublyu” *Updated*


Misha grew up as the youngest in a family of bears deep in the forest.
She became skilled at the local folk craft of embroidery.
The delicate details of flowers and birds reflect the national folk wear of Russia.
She wears a sweet furry hat with little bear ears to blend in with her family.

The lovely one-piece dress as a blue bodice with long green sleeves.
The skirt is decorated with lovely little details of Russian style embroidery pattern.

Her fuzzy bear hat has soft faux fur.
The hem is decorated with little lace, and ties in the front with a ribbon and two pom-pons! There is a special flower detail on the ear of the cap.
She also wears sweet flat soled boots to easily walk in the woods.

She has the a sweet and childish look when wearing her bear hat, but take it off and she has a sophisticated and lady-like face.

Face Type: Radiance +
Skin Type: Fair
Make-up: Eye Shadow- Green, Lip- Salmon Pink, Blush- Salmon Pink
Eye Color: Light Brown (front), Blue, Pink and Green.
Hair Color: Light Brown
Set Includes: Doll, hat, one-piece dress, boots, stand and underpants.

Preorder Date: UPDATE October 16, 8:00am Japan time
Release Date October 18, 2013
Shipping Date: October 25, 2013
Price: 14,490 JPY


** Due to the high popularity of this doll, we have changed the preorder date to October 16, 8:00 am Japan time.
** Please note, she will be limited one doll per customer.
** This is a standard release Blythe doll, and will be available from all Blythe retailers.

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