Bottega Veneta x Blythe collaboration at Isetan Shinjuku


We are excited to share that the Bottega Veneta x Blythe display is featured in the legendary windows of Isetan, Shinjuku!

Please take some time to see the lovely display at this historical location. They will be on view until June 10, 2014.

Junko & Blythe Blog Update: Regina Irwin and Contessa Margarita are coming soon!


“I took them on a stroll and had a great time taking their photos. These are special places in my home town that made wonderful backgrounds that reflect their regal personalities. One of the places I used as location was the high school I graduated from! And another location was the royal palace of the Hawaiian King and Queen.


It was a good day! We can’t wait to share these lovely girls with the world. “

* See all of the photos on Junko san’s blog!

Blythe 2015 Desk Top and Wall Calendar is here!

A fun and functional calendar is essential to keeping our busy lives organized.
The new Blythe calendars feature cute graphics with plenty of space to write your appointments!
There is both a desk top and wall calendar so it will fit your workspace.

Share each season with Blythe!


Blythe 2015 Wall Calendar “Moment in Time”

Each year we produce a new Blythe calendar, it’s staple among Blythe fans!
This year the 13th Anniversary Neo Blythe “Regina Erwen” graces the cover.
Each month features another Blythe doll that expresses the seasons.
There’s plenty of room to note your schedule and it’s super functional and fun!

Price: 1,580 JPY
Size: 260mm x横255mm
Made in Japan
Blythe 2015 Desk Top Calendar “Sweet Touch”

The casual and free desktop calendar is perfect for your workspace.
The cover features Neo Blythe “Charlotte des Fleurs”.
This calendar can be used in two ways, as an calendar and the images can be removed to share as post cards!

Price: 1,470 JPY
Size: 160mm x 200mm x 70mm
12 pages
Made in Japan

CWC Exclusive 13th Anniversary Middie Blythe “Contessa Margherita” Pre-order Information


This breathtaking village makes grows luscious grapes to make the finest wine.
A special girl named “Contessa Margherita” knows the secret to make succulent wine.
After she planted some glorious rose bushes on the vineyard she found it changed the taste of the grapes to have a lovely bouquet.
This moment made true magic in the garden.

Margherita is long time friends with Regina Erwen.
She sincerely respects her dear friend as a sister.
She even dresses like her, with regal formalness. Her color theme matches as green, gold, brown and white.
The green satin bodice is set off with the gold lame balloon skirt.
The full skirt is embellished with roses and blue butterfly applique.
She wears cute pumps with diagonal striped socks.

The 13th Anniversary Middie Blythe has many new specifications that make her truly unique.
Her most charming feature is her makeup and skin!
She has special translucent, matte skin.
She also has special lip lines by her mouth with a soft pink edge to give her a realistic look!
She has special eyelashes and light green eyes.

She also has the new plum color hair which is a mixture of purple and brown.
The subtle nuances like a glistening grape.
She has long hair with bangs set in the loose perm.

Her stand is green.


Face Color: Translucent matte skin in “natural” color
Makeup: Eyeshadow- light nude, Lip- Rose Pink, Blush- Pink
Eye color: Light Green
Eyelashes: Special dark black
Hair Color: Dark, plum brown

Earrings: Gold color bows
The set includes: Doll, dress, hat, socks, shoes, underpants, and stand.

Pre-order Date: June 6, 2014 (9 am, Japan Time)
Release Date: June 20, 2014
Price: 12,300 JPY


** Please come back to our site on June 6, to pre-order this special Blythe doll!

CWC Exclusive 13th Anniversary Neo Blythe “Regina Erwen” Pre-order information


She will take her place with glorious line of beauties as our anniversary doll!

She reigns as queen while growing abundance from the land and growing love in her people.
From her lush and beautiful country, long live 13th Anniversary Neo Blythe “Regina Erwen”.
She has a still and dignified beauty befitting of a true queen.

Her fashion taste is elegant and avant-garde. Her color scheme is green, gold, black and white.
She wears a lovely dress with top hat and tulle overskirt.
he one-piece dress under the tulle is black and white boarder stripes with a black satin bodice.
The edge of her gold and black pannier peaks out from beneath the hem of the dress.

Combine the green overskirt and her avant-garde look is transformed!
There a sweet roses and butterflies adorning the overskirt. She has a special ribbon that crosses over her chest like a lovely sash.
Combine this with her top hat and long gold boots and she is ready for a regal event!

Her skin has the appearance of soft bisque pottery.
She has a special soft lip line that looks like a custom Blythe doll.
Her special make up and soft, matte translucent skin gives her the look of a clever woman.

She has semi-transparent skin, rose pink blush, and dark brown eyeshadow.
She has a new lip line that is soft and realistic looking.
The corners of her lips are drawn lovely and give her a soft smile.
She has special, thick black eye lashes and dark brown eye lids.

She has long hair with bangs and a loose perm.
Her dark plum hair is a new mix of brown and purple.
There is a radiance and glow to the complex color that resembles a dark grape!
She has special eye colors to charm you: brown (hologram backing), light blue (hologram backing), light purple, and light green.
Her face type is Radiance +.

Her pull ring and stand are lime green.


Face Type: Radiance +
Skin: Matte translucent in Natural
Make-up: Eyeshadow- dark brown, Lip- Rose Red, Cheek- Pink Rose
Eye Color: Light Purple (front), Light Green (right), Light Blue (hologram backing), Light Brown (hologram backing)
Eyelid: Dark Brown (molding color)
Eyelashes: Special thick black lashes
Hair Color: Dark, plum brown
Earrings: Gold color bows
Manicure: Rose Red
The set includes: Doll, dress, overskirt, petticoat, collar, hat, boots, earrings, underwear and stand.

Pre-order Date: June 6, 2014 (9 am, Japan Time)
Release Date: June 20, 2014
Price: 22,000 JPY
Limited Edition of 2,500 total


** Please come back to our site on June 6, to pre-order this special Blythe doll!

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