Bianca Pearl Lottery Update: Round 2

Hello Junie Moon friends!

We are excited to announce that we have 50 unclaimed Neo Blythe Bianca Pearl dolls. We will run a second randomized pull on the remaining lottery entry forms today and send payment invoices to the lucky winners. All invoices for the second lottery round will be sent by 11:00 am September 26, Japan time.

Please note, the invoices will come directly from CCnow and are encrypted for the winning email address. The winner will be entitled to purchase one Neo Blythe Bianca Pearl.

==> The dolls for the second lottery will ship on October 3rd if we receive payment by September 29. After that, the shipment will take place the following Friday.

For the lottery winners of the first round, your dolls will ship on this Friday 09/26. We will update the first round winners with the tracking numbers on 09/29 after we get the shipping data from our warehouse.

Thank you and good luck!

JM Staff

Momolita x Junie Moon Dollywear Dress sets for Halloween

This year’s Fall Junie Moon Dollywear sets are here! This is an announcement for our new Momolita X Junie Moon Dollywear collab dress sets!

Momolita has become a household name for Blythe fans everywhere, with her punk taste and humour filled takes on doll fashion. As a specialist of doll clothes making, Momolita takes the utmost care to bring to you an expertly crafted, finely detailed dress set that is sure to bring a breathe of fresh air to your Blythe’s closet! These dresses are sure to be a favorite beyond this Halloween season!


“Spooky Dress”
This is a dress set directly inspired by the Halloween Season, with bats sprinkled throughout the collar, ribbon, and belt, pumpkins on the sleeves, and a grave motif lace on the skirt. The dress is made with shantung layered over organdy, giving it a very elegant halloween look.

Size: Neo Blythe
Colors: Pink or Blue
Release Date: October 9, 2014
Price: ¥6,500
Set Includes: Dress, Head Dress, Socks



“Ghost Dress”
Ghosts are an indispensable aspect of Halloween! And this dress is chock full of them! With a red bat ribbon and the melting collars with eyes, this might be the chillingly cutest dress we have released.

Size: Neo Blythe
Release Date: October 9, 2014
Price: ¥6,850
Set Includes: Dress, Head Dress, Socks


Size: Middie Blythe
Release Date: October 9, 2014
Price: ¥4,950
Set Includes: Dress, Head Dress, Socks


** Pre-order the dress sets now for October 9th shipping to get it in time for Halloween! **


Momolita (Momoko Komori) Profile

Momolita is an extremely prolific doll clothes designer that has had her punk-styled creations published in toy magazines, books, and displayed in exhibitions both in and out of Japan. She currently teaches the doll clothes making class at the Nagoya and Yokohama branches of Vogue Academy as well as the Ikebukuro Community College/Shibuya Culture Works. Her reach is expanding beyond the border into Europe and America, exibiting her works at events and showcasing her skills at workshops. She is also a major collaborator in the creation of the 2007 Neo/Petit Blythe Ultimate Tour.

Middie Blythe “Oski tebyA lyublyU” fantasy styling

Let’s go to a fanciful world with alternative styling for Middie Blythe “Oski tebyA lyublyU”.





These images have been styled by the Salon de Junie Moon staff! The different dress and hair style really show off the beauty of Oski.

How will you style your Middie Blythe “Oski tebyA lyublyU”?

The much anticipated Odani Miyuki x Junie Moon collaboration Dollywear for Middie is here!


Keeping with the most popular Neo Blythe color way, we also add some new color variations to the line up!
This is sure to boost the huggability of your Middie by 120%!
This must buy item will definitely be a fun time for you and your Blythe!

Odani Miyuki is a prolific and well known customizer who also specializes in creating dresses and props.
We here at CWC recognize her skills and talent and have collaborated with her many times to create many original pieces.
She also has many of her own projects that should definitely by checked out.


Fluffy Puff Tutu (Middie Blythe)
This is a dress set that includes a micro tutu with many layers of chiffon and tulle, a pearled ribbon shoulder strap, and the iconic Odani Miyuki look.
The garter-like frilled socks is a great focal point.
The crown of the set is a dotted tulle ribbon head dress that completes the sweet ballerina look!

The Set Includes: dress, head dress, and socks

Price: ¥6000
2 color ways: pink/mix (new color)

“> image

Bonbon Bear (Middie Blythe)
With the sleeves and skirt puffed up like pieces of candy, and the adorable bear print on the front, this dress set is bound to bring to you a fun time!
The folded cuffs pop the sleeves into a cute sphere, making it a highlight of the dress.
The dotted tulle over knee socks and big satin ribbon give this dress set a classical doll look!

The Set Includes: dress, head dress, and socks

Price: ¥5500 +taxes
2 color ways: strawberry strawberry/citrus soda (new color)

“> image

Angel Cross (Middie Blythe)
This angelic long dress comes in a set with a flower crown!
The tricot and dotted tulle long skirt looks as if to resist gravity, flowing and floating like an angel!
The cross printed on the chest is just the right amount of sweet, for those that appreciate simplicity!

The Set Includes: dress and head dress

Price: ¥5500 +taxes
2 color ways: white (Michael)/pink (Uriel) (new color)

“> image


Odani Miyuki profile (CWC signed original Blythe artist)
After founding the creative unit Alfort with friends, she went on to publish books (Alfort Western Sweets Exhibition) as well as design CD jackets and write for magazines.
She has exhibited work in Japan and in New York, after which she began to predominantly work by herself, creating doll outfits and solo exhibitions.
She is the main designer for the CWC exclusive Fashionista Nelly&Molly series. She also works as a teacher of doll clothes making in Tokyo and Osaka.
Her collaboration doll with CWC, Margot Unique Girl was released on March 2012

Neo Blythe “Cadence Majorette” is the new military chic girl!


It’s time to show off your special baton twirling at the parade! Wearing your sharp costume you feel sharp and proud. Watch her twirl the baton around and around!

The elegant combination of girly and military style express the lovely style of majorette for Cadence. The drop waist of her uniform is accented with lovely pleats and a sharp collar and cuffs. The deep purple and green check dress show her spirit along with the two accenting ribbons.

She has striped socks and four strap shoes.  Her fun cap really tops off the outfit with a unique military flare.


She has long, white hair with bangs.
She has natural makeup with brown eyeshadow, and pink cheeks and lips.
She has special light brown eye chips facing forward.
She has a Radiance + face in fair color.

Face Type: Radiance +
Skin: Fair
Makeup: Brown eyeshadow, pink lip and blush.
Eye Color: Brown, blue, orange and green.
Hair Color: Off White
The Set Includes: Doll, dress, hat, shoes, socks, shorts, and stand.

Pre-order Date: October 3, 2014 Japan time
Release Date: October 17, 2014
Price: 13,800 JPY

* Amount available from Junie Moon online shopping: 150 dolls.
** Please come back to our site on October 3rd to pre-order this item!

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