Shared Post from Junko Wong:  Blythe at the Sanrio 2015 Licensing Exhibition

Blythe Creative Producer Mrs. Junko Wong updated her blog. Read on to find out exciting news about future Blythe collaborations with Sanrio!


“The doll was shown at the Sanrio 2015 Licensing Exhibition was this month. It was rainy and cold out but we made it there in one piece. The sample Blythe was displayed along with their other collaborations. The doll will be out sometime this fall so it’s still a long way from now before she makes her true debut. My Melody herself was at the event so I had to take a picture with her. Soon I will have my own My Melody Blythe!”

What exciting news! Thank to Junko san for sharing these images!

“Blythe Cinema Style” Interview with artist Aya Fujimoto


We were lucky enough to sit down with Blythe Charisma artist Aya Fujimoto. Junie Moon is currently showing an exhibition of her doll featured in the new “Blythe Cinema Style” published by CWC Books.

Read on to learn about her inspiration!


Q 1: Your book “Cinema Style” seems to be a very conceptual fashion book. What are your main influences?
A 1: Many of my influences come from the movies I watched when I was 10 to 20 years old. Among those movies the ones from the 60’s and 70’s made a very big impact on me.

Q 2: How do you do your research about different actresses?
A 2: I watched and re-watched their movies and looked through their photo collections in order to really capture the actresses’ essence. Cinema Style isn’t just about the photos, but is also a means of communication with the reader, so that they can try their hand at the make up and fashion that is in the book. I want my readers to be able to participate and play with out having to resort to complicated techniques. The clothes are designed to be simple and versatile, and the masking tape method was created so that there wouldn’t be too many problems with applying make up.
Q 3: Your brand name is OUIOUI. Can you tells us a bit about the influence of France and French films on your work?
A 3: Of all the genres in French cinema, my favorite are musicals. The beautiful colors, cinematography, not to mention the melodies that the beautful actresses dance to and the fashions they are in make me feel so happy. This happiness really motivates me to create new pieces.

Q 4: What is your favorite French New Wave film?
A 4: I really enjoy the movies made by Godard. There are three movies that he made that has had a direct influence in some of the photos in Cinema Style. The film I most adore by him is A Woman Is a Woman. Anna Karina’s beauty and coquettishness is so bright in this film, that even though Godard is known for his tragedies, I can still feel surrounded by joy through her.

Q 5: Please describe your brand style in 3 words.
A 5: Happiness, Smiles, and Love

Q 6: How does the influence of film reflect in Blythe? Do you see her as an actress or muse?
A 6: All of the inspiration I gained from movies I pour into Blythe’s fashion, hair, and make up. Blythe is both a muse and an actress to me. When I dress her in my newly created dress or hat and transforms to a new persona, she is my actress. When I get to meet new people through Blythe and encounter new forms of happiness and joy, she is my muse.

Thank you to Fujimoto sama for the interview!

You can purchase her new book “Blythe Cinema Style” now from Junie Moon online shopping!


1,800 JPY

Bringing true love to you… Introducing Top Shop Exclusive Neo Blythe “Jane Lefroy”


I love you, I adore you, so become my sweetheart. Love never lies, and I’ll be with you to the ends of the earth.

This Top Shop Exclusive Neo Blythe, “Jane Lefroy” is a beautiful and adorable princess. Her long dress and tiara complete a very classical princess silhouette. A pink damask pattern decorates this high waisted dress, with a green over dress layered on top. A flower accessory graces a ribbon on top of her chest, and her puff sleeves really bring home the romantic design. She wears a tiara, couple of flower earrings, and a pair of pearl white heels to complete the look.

Her hair is brown, long, center parted, and very volumetric. Her eyelids are light brown, with default brown eyelashes. Her brown eye shadow gives her nuance, and her pink beige cheeks and lip make her charming and fun.

Her front facing eyes are emerald green, and her right facing eyechips are a special deep blue color.
Her face type is Radiance+, and her face color is cream.

* Please note design image may differ from the final product.

Release date: March 2015
Price: ¥15,500

* Purchasing information will be available once the official photos are released. Please check back to our blog and Facebook page for details.

ouioui Aya Fujimoto x JM Dollywear Dress Sets coming soon!


With the classic “Hydrangea set” and the pop “Vintage fabric Flower cap set”, these hand made dress sets are sure to impress!
The hydrangea head dress and cute organdy cap are both possible with the handy work of hat maker ouioui!

A word from the creator:
“Hydrangea set”
This head dress takes inspiration from the hydrangea, which is one of my favorite flowers.
The box pleats dress is made with silk shantung.
The base of the head dress is natural raffia blade.
Her ribbon uses high quality taffeta.
The design is very simple, but the materials are all very high quality.
It’s a very girly, elegant, classic style.

“Vintage fabric Flower cap set”
I used a 60’s-70’s vintage fabric i bought in America.
The gradation on the organdy petals on the flower cap and the vivid dress was informed by 70’s fashion in the U.S., which is the decade Blythe was born.
Each dress is different based off of the cut of the cloth, which is a fun note to think about when enjoying this one-off dress.

“Hydrangea set”
Blue, Pink
Price: ¥6,980
Set includes: Dress, head dress, socks

“Vintage fabric Flower cap set”
Pink, Yellow
Price: ¥6,980
Set includes: Dress, flower cap, tights

Release Date: March 10th
*There will be a pre-sale during the ouioui Fujimoto Aya gallery show at Daikanyama Junie Moon

“ouioui” Aya Fujimoto Bio:
After her career as a designer at a major hat brand, she began working as a freelance designer for hats for concerts and play costumes as well as fashion shows.
Her identity as a doll clothes designer is OUIOUI.

Hunt for treasure on the seven seas! The design drawings for Neo Blythe Sally Salmagundi is here!


Yo ho ho! Aren’t you excited for the Pirate’s Ball tonight?
I’m gonna be dressed in full pirate regalia from head to toe tonight! I’m the captains daughter, I gotta look the part!

As a child of a pirate ship captain, “Sally Salmagundi” is ready to represent her fleet at the Pirate’s Ball!
With a mature looking dress and a captains hat along with a stylish heart-shaped eye patch, she’s dressed ready to buccaneer! Using black as a base, her accent colors are gold and purple.
A large ship adorns her dress with some laced ribbons on the side, and her hat has golden trims with a feather, chain, and rose motif decorating the center.
Her miscellaneous accessories are a heart shaped faux-leather eyepatch and a rose choker, and her feet are encased in striped tights and strapped shoes.

Her hairstyle is a lightly permed long with bangs, and her hair color is a reddish dark brown. Her eyeshadow is purple, and her cheek and lips are rose pink.
Her right looking eye chip is a special, skull printed purple color.
Her face type is Radiance+ and her face color is cream.
Her stand is purple.

Release Date: March 2015
Price: ¥14,800

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