Fluffy and huggable, kigurumi Blythe are too adorable!Junie Moon Dolly Wear, ”Hug-able” kigurumi


From dresses to casual fashion, Blythe looks good in any sort of outfit.
But sometimes, what we really need is a Blythe that soothes and heals from just a look.
Sometimes, what we want to cuddle with is a cozy little animal.
Just in time, here comes a kigurumi’d Blythe! Dolly Wear kigurumi has been a staple since the 2015 bear and bunny types, so we included the 22cm Neo Blythe size and 20cm Middie Blythe size with three color ways each to the selection!
The exquisite shades of the fur is juxtaposed by stripes, polka dots, and check patterns for the inside of the ears and suit.
Any Blythe wearing this kigurumi instantly turns young looking and adorable, it’s too much NOT to hug them!

Junie Moon Dolly Wear “Hug-able”
Neo Size- 22cm Doll Size (all 6 versions)
Bear/ White, Brown, Yellow Green
Rabbit/ Gray, Pink, Light Beige
Price: ¥4,600

Middie Size- 20cm Doll Size (all 6 versions)
Bear/ White, Brown, Yellow Green
Rabbit/ Gray, Pink, Light Beige
Price: ¥3,800

Release Date: April 7th, 2015

Get dressed for the Pirates Ball! Neo Blythe Sally Salmagundi is here!


Tonight is the international Pirates Ball!
I gotta look good if I’m there to represent my dad whose a captain!

Sally Salmagundi wears black and purple with golden accents, using cute accessories in a mature way.
The sleeve uses purple lace, and the hem is adorned with black lace and a printed design of a ship and a lily.
The waist is wrapped with a large chiffon ribbon, creating an elegant effect.
Her trademark pirate hat and eye patch are wonderfully designed as well!
Her hat is decorated with a feathered purple rose and gold trimming. Her heart shaped eye patch is fake leather.
Her purple rose, lace choker, bordered tights and quadruple strapped shoes complete her look.

Her hairstyle is a lightly permed long with bangs, that is a dark brown with a slight red tint to it.
Her eye shadow is purple, her cheeks and lip are rose pink.
One pair of front facing eye chips are a special purple color, which the right eye has a printed skull on it.
Her face type is Radiance+, her face color is cream, and her stand is purple.


Face type: Radiance+
Skin type: Cream (pale)
Make up: Eye shadow: Purple, Lip: Rose pink, Cheek: Rose pink
Eye color: Purple (front facing, special, with a skull print on one eye), Blue (right), Orange (front), green (left)
Hair color: Reddish dark brown
Eye lashes: default
Ear rings: N/A
Manicure: N/A
Set includes: doll, dress, hat, eye patch, choker, tights, shoes, short stand

Release Date: March 13th, 2015 (Fri)
Price: ¥14,800

** Come back to our site on March 13th to purchase this doll!

Exclusive collaboration dress set with Angelic Pretty and Junie Moon!


Angelic Pretty is a brand that caters to lolita aficionados all around the world. Dressing your Blythe up in this collaboration dress is sure to make her ten times as cute and lovely!
If you’re searching for a new look, this set will surely do the trick!

- Crystal Dream Carnival Set
This dress set is based off of the wildly popular dress of the same name from Angelic Pretty!
An illustration of a pegasus flying towards a temple in the sky is printed on the skirt of the dress, with details made with organdy and satin ribbons, creating a beautiful translucent effect.
Stars are sprinkled throughout the bonnet, and the socks are printed with a picture of a pegasus soaring through a sky filled with planets.

Set includes: dress, bonnet, socks
Colors: Navy or Lavender
Price: ¥9,800

- Melody Toys Set
When you think of Angelic Pretty, you think of this kind of dress. Perfect for Blythe, this pastel colored jumper skirt set is printed with cute stuffed animals, has a laced collar and puff sleeves, and just generally uses lace and frills at every opportunity to create a sweeter than sweet look.
Her head accessory is an over sized ribbon, and her socks are printed with the same dot and stuffed animal motif, completing her adorable outfit.

Set includes: jumper skirt, blouse, ribbon, socks
Colors: Pink or Mint
Price: ¥9,800

Release Date: April 25th, 2015 (Sat)

* We will announce the preorder method for these dress sets soon! Please stay tuned for updates!


Neo Blythe Jane Lefroy Pre-order information *Updated*


To have the purity to confess your feelings, the determination to live your life with the one you love, all of these qualities are something that comes to you once you encounter your sweetheart.
Jane Lefroy’s elegant beauty and sincere heart makes everyone she meets fall for her.

She wears a high waisted dress similar to those worn during medieval Europe.
Her puff-sleeved green over dress is decorated with a rose adorned satin ribbon on her chest.
The front of her over skirt is stitched with a smattering of gold stars, and the inside is a pink skirt printed with a damask pattern with elegant frills and lace.
Her tiara, her tear drop and rose shaped pearl earrings, and newly designed pearl white high heels complete her coordination.

Her lovely fluffy hair is also a charm point. Her subtle light brown hair compliments her gentle colored make up.
Her eyeshadow and eye lids are a reddish light brown, her default eye lashes are brown, and her cheeks and lip are pink beige.
Her front facing eyes are emerald green, then deep blue, orange, and green.


Face type: Radiance+
Skin type: Cream (pale)
Make up: Eye shadow: Light Brown, Lip: Pink Beige, Cheek: Pink Beige
Eye color: Emerald Green (front facing, special color), Deep blue (right, special color), Orange (front), Green (left)
Hair color: Light brown
Eye lashes: default, Light brown
Ear rings: Tear drop shaped pearl earrings
Manicure: N/A
Set includes: doll, dress, overdress, crown, earrings, shoes, shorts, stand

Pre-order Date: March 12, 2015
Release Date: March 20th, 2015
Price: ¥15,500

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