Junie Moon Dollywear Presents:“More Tea? Alice” dress sets


Blythe loves to explore Wonder World, where strange things are common and the people are unique and merry!
From the white rabbit to the cheshire cat, the Queens of the Deck, and the mad hatter… It would be so much fun to have tea at the Crescent Moon Rabbit’s Tea Party!
I’ll need to wear something special for that occasion, and this Junie Moon Original Alice Dress will definitely be a perfect fit!

The 2015 Junie Moon Dolly Wear Alice set was a simple blue dress with a print on the circular skirt, with a focus on the Wonder World themed apron.
We’ve increased the stylishness by adding on waveform blades, ribbons, solid buttons, and other considered features.
Her accessories are a large black ribbon with a comb attached and monotone border socks.
The two color tones to choose from are light blue and blue.It would be fun to dress two Blythe in these two colors, gather some other
friends and open up a tea party together!

Junie Moon Dolly Wear “More Tea? Alice”
2 Types
Blue / Light Blue
Size: 22cm Doll Size (Neo Blythe)

Set includes: Dress, Apron, Ribbon, Socks
Package Materials/ card paper, PP bag

*Does not include Blythe Doll or shoes

Preorder Starts: June 13, 2015
Release date: June 20, 2015
Price:  ¥8,000 each

The Jeffrey T-shirts for the 2015 Summer season are upon us!


All of Jeffrey’s illustrations emanate a cute vibe.
This season, the artworks theme is “hearts”, “art”, “sunshine”, and “music”, all featuring an adorable girl, coming in two different colorways per theme!
Depending on the design, it will be in full color, monotone, or two colors so that you can wear them for any occasion!
The body color comes in white or black and in free size (a loose M size), and the material is a soft and gentle fabric which is comfortable to wear.

The Jeffrey T-shirts for the 2015
All 8 types
Multiple Heart, Work of Art Girl, Sunny Day, Glee Club
4 designs x 2 body colors (white, black)
Size: One Size Fits All
Material: 50% Cotton, 50% polyester
The body is made in China, the printing was done in Japan

Price: ¥5,300
Now Available!


SANDY x SANDY2’s “Idol Collection” Exhibition at Junie Moon!


Nostalgic yet fresh! Toe-ing the line between childhood and adulthood, these beautifully remixed custom dolls will blow you away!

Exhibiting for the first time at Daikanyama Junie Moon, SANDYxSANDY2’s “Idol Collection” will show a side of Blythe that you may not have seen before. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!
Custom dolls and outfits will be sold by lottery on May 16th (Sat). Other dress sets will be exhibited and put on sale at a later date! These will be also be sold via lottery on May 23rd (Sat).
Check out the details on the dolls and dress sets at the Junie Moon Site!

Daikanyama Junie Moon “SANDYxSANDY2 Exhibition”

May 12th, 2015 (Tue) ~ May 31st (Sun)
*Exhibition will close on 4 P.M. during the last day.

Tokyo-to Shibuya-ku Sarugaku-cho 4-3 Suzuen Daikanyama Building 1F
Tel: 03-3496-0740

Business Hours: Tue-Sun, Holidays 11:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays

More images available at our Facebook page

PREGEL x BLYTHE Nail Files and Nail Stickers are here!


As Blythe as the image character of gel nail brand PREGEL, there will be a series of nail care and decoration goods with her adorable image on them!

Its very important to keep your nails pristine but it also takes as much work.
With PREGEL brand nail care and decoration goods, its easy to keep your nails looking good while also carrying around a cute image of Blythe!
Every beautiful nail is an extension of your image, so it’s important to keep yourself feeling good while looking good.

Blythe’s cute and cool image is on PREGEL’s Nail Files and Nail Seals. The
Nail Seals are also decorated with flower and heart ribbon motifs.
Have fun while taking care and decorating your nails with Blythe nail goods!

Blythe Nail Sticker
Simply apply these on your nails and have fun decorating. Place the seal on
your nail, file away the excess, and apply a top coat to finish.

1 Type
Size: 180x20 mm Card Paper: H190x30 mm
Manufacturer: Preanfa Co., Ltd.
Made in Japan

Price: ¥600
Shipping Date: May 25th, 2015



Blythe Nail File
A staple of nail care, this is a thin, double sided board type file.
Use this to soften the edges of a recently cut or chipped nail, or smoothing bumps on the surface.
This is also useful for fixing the application for the Blythe
Seal, manicure, or any nail extension.

Price: ¥350
Shipping Date: May 25th, 2015

Hasbro Ex. Neo Blythe “Spright Beauty” Lottery Entry Form


We know you have all been waiting for the lottery the Hasbro Exclusive Neo Blythe “Spright Beauty ”.  Now is your chance! Please read all of the lottery rules and guidelines before entering.

Price: 17,500 JPY
* Shipping not included.

The lottery schedule is as follows:

* May 16 - Lottery Begins

* May 20- Lottery Ends

* May 22 - CCNow payment invoice sent to lottery winners

* May 25- Payment Deadline (To ensure timely delivery)

* May 29 - Dolls Ship

* May 30 - EMS tracking numbers sent to customers


All payments will be processed by CCNow, the Junie Moon lottery retailer.


Important Information:

1. Only 1 lottery entry is accepted. Multiple entries will be deleted.

2. Shipping address and customer information cannot be changed after you enter the lottery.

3. Only lottery winners will receive a CCNow payment invoice.

4. Customers are limited to the purchase of one doll per payment invoice.

5. Additional items cannot be added to the lottery purchase, we apologize for this inconvenience.

6. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB credit cards or Paypal.

7. Please be sure to make payment before the deadline.

*Your information will be sent to us securely, stored securely and will only be used for this lottery. All data is erased after the lottery closes.

** Please note, customers will be directed to lottery entry form and winners will be notified by email by May 22.

** There are 65 dolls available for lottery from Junie Moon international online shopping.

Thank you for your support of Junie Moon and good luck to you all!


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