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The first tan Middie Blythe “Cool Pool Lemonade” is coming soon!


On a hot day like this, nothing beats a tall glass of lemonade filled with crushed ice. Add a little passion fruit and mango and you have something special!
I just want to be sitting in the shade, drinking juice all day. What a life!

This freshly tanned Middie Blythe is so cute, no one can resist her! Two outfits, a swimsuit and a dress, have been readied for her so she can walk through the beach and the town.
The swimsuit is light blue with a pink ribbon on the bikini top, light blue shorts, and a pareo with a pink and light blue ribbon on the rear.The youthful look is really becoming of the Middie Blythe design.
The dress has a simple and refreshing lemon pattern, which is complimented by the ribbon hair band, heart shaped earrings, and yellow shoes.
Her hairstyle is a lightly permed long with short bangs. Her hair color is brown. Her face color is mocha, with brown eye shadow, pink cheeks, and with orangish pink lips.
Her eye color is emerald green.
The illustration is a concept, and does not represent the final product.
Release Date: August 2015
MSRP: ¥11,800

* Junie Moon international online shopping will sell this doll. Official purchase information will be made available once the official product photos are released. Please follow us on facebook and check back to our blog for more information. Thank you!

CWC Exclusive 14th Anniversary is the Middie Blythe “Little Duchess Georgette” coming soon!


This year, theres not one but two girls who will represent 14 wonderful years of Blythe! Little Duchess Georgette, although small and cute, emits a charismatic presence.
Her loveliness makes everyone around her smile!

Music and art are an aristocratic interest! Demoing the finest fashions and music at a concert is just the first step to gathering ideas for the
garden parties. Little Duchess Georgette wears a dress made in the style of fashion that many ladies of the Rococo era loved to wear.
Her rosy pink
with delicate lace and satin are wrapped with ribbons and frills, abundantly using romantic materials.

The ribbons on her chest, the wide open sleeves, and long skirt ballooning from her waist… Little Duchess Georgette befits the title of Anniversary
Doll with her impeccably coordinated fashion!
To go with the dress, a cute bonnet decorated with a purple rose corsage accent and a mint green ribbon to tie under the chin. She also wears a rose printed pair of pink pumps!

Her long blonde hair is slightly permed and cut above the eyes.
Her skin is a translucent cream color, with green eyeshadow, light brown eye lids, with an
especially made light brown eye lashes, giving her a refreshing and lively face. Her cheeks and lips are a delicate pink, with a slight brown line
accenting the corners of her mouth.
The stand is pink.


Face type: Middie Blythe
Skin type: Translucent Cream
Make up: Eyeshadow: Green / Lips: A delicately blurred pink (with brown
in the corners of the mouth) / Cheeks: Pink
Eye color: Green
Eye lids: Light Brown
Eye lashes: Light Brown *Special specification (New Color)
Hair color: Silvery Blonde (New Color)
Earrings: Golden Ribbons

Set includes: Doll, dress, panier, bonnet, shoes, shorts, stand

Release Date: July 31st, 2015
MSRP: ¥15,700

Lottery Begins July 13th. It is open to all Blythe fans.
Junie Moon will have 300 dolls available for international fans.
Please come back on July 13th to this blog to enter the lottery!

Thank you and let’s celebrate 14 years with Blythe!

CWC Exclusive 14th Anniversary Doll Neo Blythe Dauphine Dream will make you fall in love!


With her well proportioned face, regal posturing, and decorated with many beautiful frills and ribbons, Dauphine Dream is everyone’s target of
Why not experience the 14th Anniversary of Blythe’s return with Dauphine Dream?

Rococo in fashion, Dauphine Dream’s dress is based off of the clothing the aristocrats and nobles of that age.
A floral and striped pattern create a base for the delicate lace and satin ribbons, with cloth roses sprinkled across to accentuate the romantic nature of the dress.
A ribbon acts as an elegant collar, her sleeves are wide and princess like, the skirt is filled and volumetric, and the bateau pleats short trainers are refined and pleasing.
Just as an Anniversary Doll should be, this year pulls no punches when it comes to how gorgeous it is.
To match the dress, her hat is as brilliantly coordinated.
A three colored rose corsage is used as an accent, which is paired with a ribbon and lace hat band.
Her small accessories are high quality as well, from the pearl and ribbon choker, ribbon ear ring, and rose printed pumps.

Her long hair is a silver-ish blonde which has been slightly permed and cut above the eyes.
Her translucent, creamy skin is accentuated by the eyes; light blue for the front, blue for the right, light brown again for the front, and
light purple for the left, all of which are special colors.
Her eye lids are light brown with brown eye shadow,
Her eye lashes are light brown, which is a new, enticing color.
Her cheeks are pink, and lips are pink with softened edges, with a light brown accent on the edges of her mouth. Her manicure is
Her pull ring and short stand are blue.
Her face type is radiance+.


Facetype: Radiance+
Face color: Translucent cream
Make up: Eyeshadow: Brown, Lips, Softened pink (with light brown in the edges
of the mouth), Cheeks: Pink
Eye color: Light blue (front), Blue (right), Light brown (front), Light purple (left) *All special colors
Eye lids: Light brown
Eye lashes: Light brown *Specially made
Hair color: Silvery blonde (new color)
Ear rings: Ribbon shaped
Manicure: Pink
Set includes: Doll, dress, pannier, choker, ear rings, hat, shoes, shorts, stand

Release Date: July 31st, 2015
MSRP: ¥24,900

Lottery Begins July 13th. It is open to all Blythe fans.
Junie Moon will have 450 dolls available for international fans.
Please come back on July 13th to this blog to enter the lottery!

Thank you and let’s celebrate 14 years with Blythe!

CWC Exclusive 14th Anniversary Middie Blythe “Little Duchess Georgette”


Draped in rococo dresses, the most elegant of ladies have arrived!
Here are the illustrations for CWC Exclusive 14th Anniversary Middie Blythe Little Duchess Georgette!
This year’s Anniversary Doll is dressed in the most current rococo fashions of the late 18th century!
The CWC Exclusive 14th Anniversary Middie Blythe’s name is Little Duchess Georgette. She is a lover of music and plays the harpsichord!
She is a popular girl who is always playing at concerts everywhere!

I love to play the harpsichord, all day and all night.
Each press of the keys brings my heart a flutter!
have an old childhood friend named Wolfgang who I would love to introduce you to since his music is very good. Right now,
I’m very interested in the compositions of a pianist named Dussek.
His piano sonatas are beautiful, and his piano and harp duets are incredible!
Oh, I need to get going to my next concert soon!
The life of a duchess is quite busy!

Little Duchess Georgette wears a pink dress with blue, purple, and mint green details, giving her a very sweet impression.
Her dress is made with a two toned rose and ribbon printed material, using lace, frills, and ribbons to decorate her gorgeous dress.
Her over skirt opens from the center, and two different horizontal gathers are put into the underskirt, with an added tulle pannier to increase the volume.
The dress is wrapped with a large, lovely ribbon. Her bonnet is pink on the outside and off white on the inside, the cloth gathered towards the center.
The bonnet is adorned with rose corsages and is strapped to her chin with a mint green ribbon. She also wears a pair of rose printed pumps.

Her blonde hair is permed and long, with her bangs cut just above her eyes.
Her face color is a translucent cream, and her face type is radiance plus.
She wears green eye shadow with her brown eye lids, and her eye lashes are a unique light brown, giving her a gentle look.
Her cheeks are pink, and her lips are a soft pink gradient with brown accents around the corners of her mouth.
Her eye color is a light brown color especially created for this Anniversary Doll.
Her stand is pink.

*This is a design illustration. Final product may differ from this image.

Scheduled Release Date July 2015
Price: ¥15,700

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