Blythe 15th Anniversary! Here’s a message from Junko Wong to all of you Blythe Fans out there!


2016 will mark the 15th anniversary for Blythe.
Junko Wong, the creative producer and care taker of Blythe has a message for the patrons who have been with us for all this time.
Blythe is 15 years old this year.
It seems as though time has just flown by, leaving me with 15 years worth of memories.
As the times have changed so has Blythe, as the family grew from Neo to Petit to Middie.
But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, and that’s the connections we make through Blythe.
The friendships and camaraderie that developed around her has lead us to travel to places and meet people who we would regularly never have encountered.
Blythe was reborn in a time where the internet was beginning to fully bloom, when the world was becoming closer to each other.
I think I’m not the only one whose life became more fun by connecting to fans around the world, spreading your connections and sharing your love.

This 15th anniversary is a very big milestone for all of us in the Blythe community.
The next milestone would be the 20th anniversary in another five years, after the Tokyo Olympics. Today, let’s celebrate and have fun for the 15 years we had with each other!

Blythe Creative Producer
Junko Wong


The 15th Anniversary Blythe will be released in Summer 2016!

CWC Exclusive 15th Anniversary Neo Blythe Allegra Champagne.
To celebrate the fifteen years of my career I have ordered 100 cases of champagne to be delivered to my gala.
I will pop open the bubbly wine and make a toast to all my friends and family that have supported me all these years.
This is a milestone for me.  I celebrate it with all of you!

Release date:Summer 2016

Hankyu Department Store at Umeda: The One and Only Blythe in the World Charity Event


Brought to you by Charity Network H2O Santa and the Hankyu Department Store at Umeda: The One and Only Blythe in the World Charity Event and Junie Moon pop-up shop!

Hosted at the Hankyu Umeda department store, the Blythe charity auction is back and better than ever! The fifth ever auction will have 80 hand customized Blythe’s from fashion brands renown around the world. Styled from head to toe, inside and out, these one of a kind Blythes are practically priceless.
This time, we even have a Takarazuka Revue Blythe! Dressed to look like a star shining on stage, it’s impossible to take your eye’s off of her!
There will be designated bidding stations during the event, and each Blythe will be sold to the highest bidder.

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the NPO Japan CliniClowns Association for children in the Touhoku regions of Japan requiring relief.

NPO Japan CliniClowns Association Northeast Office

We will also be opening a pop-up Junie Moon store!
Neo Blythe Minty Magic and the Top Shop Exclusive Sherry Babbette, as well as CWC Exclusive Beauty Up Doll and Junie Moon Dollywear items such as the must have Heartful Coat, and the humorous and adorable Kigurumi dress sets will be available there.
Books such as the Blythe Cookie Book and the fun and enticing Blythe Paper Craft book will also be on sale.
Information on the dolls on auction along with the products to be sold at the Hankyu Umeda department store will be released at a later date.

“The One and Only Blythe in the World” H2O Santa Charity Auction
Junie Moon Pop-Up Shop
Dates: Feb. 24th (Wed) ~ 29th (Mon)
Location: Hankyu Umeda 9th Floor Square
Kakuta-Cho 8-7 Osaka-shi Kita-ku Osaka
Open Sun-Thu 10AM to 8PM Fri-Sat 10AM to 9PM
*Closing at 6PM on the last day
TEL: 06-6361-1381 (Representative)

Her beautiful long hair flows down the tower welcome Middie Blythe “Rampion of the Valley”


Rampion’s are a flower that freely grows in the forests of Europe, it’s purple abundant in the place where I live.
Just like them, I live free and wild with my Prince that I love.

Her long hair covers the whole length of her body!
Just like a wild rampion, this Blythe is truly lovable. Her dress is decorated with lace up ribbons and a flower motif.
The under skirt is made with cotton lace, and her belt is made to look as though it is a corset, creating a dreamy, fantastical outfit.
She also has a flower decorated comb, ribbon hairband, and her shoes are a simple pair of pumps.

Her hair color is a light-light brown, and her hair is longer than the length of her body, with a gradual perm.
Her eye shadow is brown, and her cheek and lips are pink.
Her eyes are light green, and her face color is cream.

The illustration is a concept and does not represent the final product.

Available April 2016
Price: ¥13,400

Cozy up with the Blythe Long-Sleeved Sweatshirt!


Exalted among the fashionista as a must have item, the sweat pullover is finally here for Blythe fans! Announcing the Blythe Long-Sleeved Sweatshirt!

Colloquially known as the trainer or sweater, the well used sweat pull-over is comfortable, maneuverable, and easy to coordinate with your other pieces.
Pair it with an elegant bottom and mix suave and casual! Wear a cap with some shorts to bring it back to the 90’s! Relax at home with this warm sweater and leisurely yet stylishly spend me time!

This is a must have item this season.

Majorette, with her military-ish and girly look, and Big Love, with her simple message are the two on display. The base for either sweater is gray, with one print color.

Blythe Long-Sleeved Sweat Pullover
Two types/ Majorette, Big Love

Size: Ladies M Length: 61 cm / length: 44 cm

Materials: Cotton 72%, Polyester 23%, Rayon 5%
Made in China, Printed in Japan

“> image

Released: Feb 13th, 2016
Price: ¥5,800

Junie Moon Dollywear, the super popular Hug-able kigurumi is back!


Heal your soul with Kigurumi Blythe Hug-able! This fluffy whole body suit is humorous and cute.
This year, we are re-releasing a 22cm (Neo Blythe sized) rabbit suit in pink and white. From head to toe, this suit slips right over the body easily.
This is perfect during the cold winter seasons, as well as the upcoming Easter celebrations!
This outfit is really photogenic, so taking photos outside in nature or with delicious looking treats would be great, especially to share with your friends online!

Junie Moon Dollywear Hug-able (kigurumi)
Set: All-in-one suit (kigurumi)
Packaging: card paper, PP bag
*Does not include doll or shoes

22cm doll size (Neo Blythe Size)
Two types: Rabbit Pink, White

Price: ¥4,600
Release date: Feb. 16th, 2016

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