Nail care and fashion items series 2! This time its Dark Rabbit themed Nail Files and Nail Stickers!


As the image character for nail fashion brand PREGEL, Blythe will be gracing nail care and decoration goods such as files and stickers! The second series of nail goods will be featuring Neo Blythe Dark Rabbit Hole! Blythe and a variety of Wonderland-esque motifs as well as the Blythe logo decorate the nail file and stickers.

The Nail Stickers are an item used to decorate your nails, just by sticking them on. Give your nails a stylish look while having fun customizing your decorations!

The Nail File is a must for any nail care enthusiast. The thing and long specs of this file make softening edges and correcting bumps easy, as well as making sticker and gel application much easier.

These nail care goods will make looking good easy and fun!

Blythe Nail Stickers
One type: Dark Rabbit Hole
Size (sticker sheet): H70 x W60mm
Price: ¥600+taxes

Blythe Nail File
One type: Dark Rabbit Hole
Size: H20 x W180mm
Price: ¥350+taxes

Release Date: May 24th, 2016 (Tue)  released by Preanfa Co., Ltd.
Sold in CWC affiliated stores, Blythe goods stores at a later date.

“Japanese Tea Party” on June 26th / How to Enter the Lottery


Here are the details for how to participate the Blythe 15 Anniversary “Japanese Tea Party” that is taking place on June 26th.

Come and join us at the party!  

How to Enter:

For people living outside of Japan:

A lottery  for the limited seats at the Tea Party will be held on the International Online Shop.

2016 May 9th (Mon.)~May 15th (Sun.)

Lottery will start at Midnight Japan Time. Please note, this is a lottery and entries will be accepted for the duration of the lottery.
Winners will be chosen at random once the lottery ends.

Event Details:

“Matcha Maiden Heaven - Japanese Tea Party Waku Waku Japan Tea Party”
Hosts: Junie Moon
Date/Time: June 26th, 2016 (Sun) 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Bio Kitchen Nakameguro (
Capacity: Max 50 people
Price: ¥5,400 ※Comes with complimentary Goodie Bag

I can’t wait for the rain! Take a look at Neo Blythe Playful Raindrops!


Rainy days make me feel so giddy! The flickering rain drops are beautiful and cute, and I love to wear my favorite rain coat out.
As you can guess, the theme for her style is rain.

Her main colors are a pop blue and orange. Her dress features a cute cloud shaped collar with embroidered droplets coming down from them.
Her translucent raincoat has a white base with a colorful water drop pattern on the top half, and a light blue lower half.
The ink blue lining and pink buttons are extremely cute!
Her accessories are a ink blue hair ribbon, white tights, and red boots with a ink blue sole.
Her face type is Radiance+, and her face color is fair (natural skin).
Her honey blonde perm is cut into a short bob, and her make up consists of brown eye shadow, salmon pink cheeks, and pink lips.
One of the front facing eye colors is a special yellow green color.


【Facetype】 Radiance+
【Skintype】 Fair (natural skin)
【Make up】 Eyeshadow:Light Brown / Lips:Pink / Cheeks:Salmon Pink
【Eye color】Yellow green (front, special color), pink (right), orange (front), green (left)
【Hair color】Honey blonde
【Set includes】Doll, dress, raincoat, ribbon, boots, tights, shorts, stand


Shipping Date: May 20th, 2016 (fri)
Price: ¥17,000 (without tax)

* Early pre-order cannot be cancelled.
* Your credit card will be charged once you check out for your pre-order.
* Early pre-order will ship from May 20, 2016.

Blythe 15th Anniversary Junie Moon Special Event! We will hold a Japanese Tea Party to celebrate!


This June is the 15th Anniversary for the release of the first Neo Blythe!
The first ever fan operated Blythe Con in Japan will be held on the same month.
How exciting!

Many foreign fans of Blythe will be arriving for this Blythe Con.
So in order to welcome them into the land of the rising sun, we will hold a traditional Japanese Tea Party on the 26th of June (Sun).
We have invited a teacher of the Tea Ceremony to come and serve the guests delicious tea and treats to go with them.
Those who attend the Tea Party will also receive lottery tickets, which will let three lucky winners to go up on stage with Junko Wong the total producer of Blythe and enjoy a tea making demonstration.
Even if guests are unfamiliar with the procedure, Junko will be there to help you through with the steps.

We will also be exhibiting maJapanese culture themed Blythe we made over the years along with displaying diorama sets that can be used to take photos with, especially for this day!
Bring along your favorite Blythes for a great time!

“Matcha Maiden Heaven - Japanese Tea Party Waku Waku Japan Tea Party”
Hosts: Junie Moon
Date/Time: June 26th, 2016 (Sun) 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Bio Kitchen Nakameguro (
Capacity: Max 50 people
Price: ¥5,400 ※Comes with complimentary Goodie Bag

Details on how to sign up for the event will be listed at a later date.
Don’t miss it!

For more information on the Blythe Convention, please check this website:

Junie Moon Dollywear, Come have fun in the world of Red Riding Hood!


This cute dress set comes with the iconic red hooded cape known and beloved by many.
The hood itself is a little bit over-sized so Blythes with long hair can comfortably fit in them.
Even from behind, the poofy silhouette looks absolutely adorable!
The cape is also lined, so any angle with it on will look great!
Comes in a set with a pair of drawers.

Junie Moon Dollywear “Once Upon a Time… Little Red”
22cm doll size (Neo Blythe)

Set includes: red hooded cape, dress, drawers, socks
Package materials: card paper, plastic bag
*does not include doll, doll shoes, or basket


Retail Price: ¥8,900+tax
Release date: May 27, 2016

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