CWC EX Neo Blythe “Devi Delcour” Lottery Entry


It’s hard to take your eyes off of cute and devilish Devi Delacour.
Don’t let her looks fool you! She may be a demon but she has a good heart.
Devi Delacour has all the makings of a classic devil, from the horns on her head to the bat wings and tail, even the trident fork is part of her look.
Her checkered dress and organdy back skirt with the spider web detail is her trade mark.
A lot of detail is attached to her back, from the red heart shaped tail, and removable bat wings.
Her belt is made to look like a corset, and her collar is modeled after bat wings.
Her accessories are a horned hair dress and a pair of silver heart ear rings, along with her fork.
She also wears black knee high socks and red strap shoes.

Her hair is a distinct dark red, permed and long. Her face type is Radiance+, and her face color is a translucent cream.
Her make up is done to give her a moody look.
The dark brown eye liner and dark blue eye lashes are special, giving more oomph to her eyes.
Her eyeshadow is dark brown, cheeks are salmon pink, and lips a darker rose pink.
Her eyes are light blue, pink, yellow, and gray, all special colors!

Her pull ring and stand (which is 17.5cm tall) are black with silver details.


Facetype: Radiance+
Skin type: Translucent Cream
Make up: Eyeshadow: Dark brown, Lips: Salmon pink, Cheeks: Rose pink, Eyeliner: Darkbrown
Eye colors: light blue (front), pink (right), yellow (front), gray (left) *All special colors
Hair color: Dark red *New color
Ear rings: Silver hearts
Manicure: n/a
Eye lids: light brown
Eye lashes: dark blue *New color
Set includes: Doll, dress, lace-up belt, attachable collar, wings, knee high socks, head dress, boots, trident fork, shorts, stand

Available: Oct. 22nd (Sat)
Price: ¥26,200 + tax



Price: 26,200 JPY

Shipping cost not included.

The lottery schedule is as follows:

* September 23 - Lottery Begins

* September 28- Lottery Ends

*  September 29- 30 -  PayPal payment invoice sent to lottery winners

* October 7 -  Payment Deadline (To ensure timely delivery)

* October 22 - Dolls Ship

* October 25 - EMS tracking numbers sent to customers

Shipping Date: October 22, 2016

Price: 26,200 JPY

* Please note there are a few changes to the lottery. 
We only accept ONE lottery entry per IP address. 
Our lottery form will not allow multiple entries from one IP address.
This is to prevent lottery ballot flooding and to keep the lottery fair for everyone. 
We urge people to not make multiple entries, as they will be deleted.

All payments will be processed by PayPal.

Important Information:

1. Only 1 lottery entry per IP ADDRESS is accepted. Multiple entries will be deleted.

2. Shipping address and customer information cannot be changed after you enter the lottery.

3. Only lottery winners will receive a PayPal payment invoice.

4. Customers are limited to the purchase of one doll per payment invoice

5. Additional items cannot be added to the lottery purchase, we apologize for this inconvenience.

6. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB credit cards or Paypal.

7. Please be sure to make payment before the deadline.
*Your information will be sent to us securely, stored securely and will only be used for this lottery. All data is erased after the lottery closes.

** Please note, customers will be directed to lottery entry form and winners will be notified by email by September 30.

** There are 200 dolls available for lottery from Junie Moon international online shopping.
Thank you for your support of Junie Moon and good luck to you all!

Junie Moon Halloween Special Gift!


From September 22 - October 31, customers purchasing over 3,000 JPY from our online shopping site we will give a special Blythe-sized Halloween treat bag!

This is limited to the first 100 orders, on a first come, first served basis.

*Bag design will be chosen at random.

We hope everyone has a spooky Halloween!

Hello from custom Blythe Pannie!


Juniemoon Dolly Wear, our first ever Doll wrap bag “Forty Winks”


How do you carry your Blythe when you go out? It’s important to keep her outfits clean, and her face without any scratches, but also conveniently stash your accessories, bags, and shoes…
We have the perfect thing for times like those!
This cute futon/envelope carry pack will completely cover your Blythe’s face, and the three large built in pockets are perfect for securely carrying miscellaneous stuff!

And when you aren’t using it to take your Blythe on excursions, you can use it as a make shift bed, giving your Blythe a wink or 40!

We used retro style animal print fabric and pastel colors to create a fun, adorable hammock to cradle your Blythes.

Juniemoon Dolly Wear “Forty Winks”
Animal Pink, Animal Blue, Animal Yellow
22cm Doll sized (Neo)
Set includes: Wrap bag
Packaging: Card paper, plastic bag
*Does not include doll or doll accessories.


Price: ¥5,200

Available: Oct. 1st (Sat) *Pre-release at all CWC affiliated stores. Blythe goods stores will receive them at a later date.

Junie Moon Dolly Wear presents Simply Aliced! Our new Alice themed dress set


All the things that make Alice great are right here, the large puffsleeves, the round collared dress, a frilly apron, black ribbon hair band, and border striped socks!
Wearing this set will transform anyone into the most perfect rendition of Alice. Each piece is deceptively simple, perfect for mixing and matching with other outfits.

Junie Moon Dolly Wear “Simply Aliced”
22cm Doll size (Neo)
2 Types: Blue, Pink
Set includes: Dress, apron, hair band, socks
Package materials: card paper, plastic bag
*Does not include doll or shoes.


Release: Spetember 6th (tues)
Price: ¥5,600

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