Junie Moon Pre-Christmas Sale Part 1


In order to celebrate the holiday season and allow for ample shipping time, Junie Moon has started our pre-christmas sale!

Check out our sales page for discounts on select Neo Blythe, Middie Blythe, Junie Moon Dollywear and more!

This sale ends on November 13!


Habro Exclusive Neo Blythe Stella Serendipitous Lottery


Stella is Allegra Champagnes best friend, they’re always seen together.
For the formal, she wears red long dress with a black rose detail.
The top is a gold and red lace bustier, and her skirt is glossy red with more rose details and a two layered train flowing down the back.

Her accessories are also selected to compliment the gorgeous red dress.
Her tiara, cut bead choker, chic black heels, and heart shaped ear rings are perfect to stand out in a party.
The red shawl and silver detailed clutch bag completes the look. Her dress is able to be taken apart into two ways.
One without an over-skirt and one with.

Stella Serendipitous’ semi formal look consists of a gold satin and red laced low waist dress, perfect for the gallery show or at a concert!

The red rhinestone accented tiara and shawl can be arranged in a variety of styles!
Her face type is Radiance+, and her face color is cream.
Her custom silver hair is parted down the center.
Her eye shadow is purple, her lips around the edges are lined, surrounding a gentle rose pink color.
The custom eyeliner around her eyes is great for changing her expression.


Face type: Radiance+
Skin Type: Translucent Cream (light skin)
Make up: purple eyeshadow, rose pink lips, pink cheeks
Eye color: Light purple (front, special), Light gray (right, special), Light blue (front, special), Green (left)
Eye lids: Purple (special color)
Eyelashes: black (special color)
Hair color: silver gray
Earrings: heart shaped hook earrings Manicure: n/a
Eyelids: default Eyelashes: default

Set includes: doll, dress, over skirt, shorts, tiara, head band, earrings, choker, shawl, bag, shoes, stand(short stand for dress. height11.5cm) 

Release: November 18th 2016 (fri)
Retail price: ¥25,500


The lottery schedule is as follows:

* October 19 - Lottery Begins
* October 26 Lottery Ends

* October 29-30 -  PayPal payment invoice sent to lottery winners

* November 13-  Payment Deadline (To ensure timely delivery)

* November 18 - Dolls Ship

* November 20 - EMS tracking numbers sent to customers

* Please note there are a few changes to the lottery. 
We only accept ONE lottery entry per IP address. 
Our lottery form will not allow multiple entries from one IP address.
This is to prevent lottery ballot flooding and to keep the lottery fair for everyone. 
We urge people to not make multiple entries, as they will be deleted.

All payments will be processed by PayPal.

Important Information:

1. Only 1 lottery entry per IP ADDRESS is accepted. Multiple entries will be deleted.

2. Shipping address and customer information cannot be changed after you enter the lottery.

3. Only lottery winners will receive a PayPal payment invoice.

4. Customers are limited to the purchase of one doll per payment invoice

5. Additional items cannot be added to the lottery purchase, we apologize for this inconvenience.

6. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB credit cards or Paypal.

7. Please be sure to make payment before the deadline.
*Your information will be sent to us securely, stored securely and will only be used for this lottery. All data is erased after the lottery closes.

** Please note, customers will be directed to lottery entry form and winners will be notified at the latest by email by October 30.

** There are 200 dolls available for lottery from Junie Moon international online shopping.
Thank you for your support of Junie Moon and good luck to you all!

I love my letterman jacket! Neo Blythe Varsity Dean final specs are here!


Varsity Dean is a sporty girl who her friends consider to be one of the most well dressed at school.
She wears her team jacket with ease and style, and she’s a great student too.
She’s a positive person with a lot of activities!

The most important item in her wardrobe is her letterman jacket.
The jacket has a blue, red, and white coloring and large B emblem with a star mark.
Her hoodie dress reaches her knees and has a large front pocket.
The numbers 623 (Blythe’s birthday) are printed on the front. On her sleeves, a red and blue pair of stripes.

Varsity Dean has a lot of accessories!
Her red knit hat with the colorful pompoms is decorated with an american flag star and smilie face pin.
Her circle glasses are thick framed and red. Her tights are brown and navy, and she wears brown engineer boots.

Her light brown hair is straight with bangs.
Her facetype is Radiance+, her face color is fair.
Her make up consists of light brown eyeshadow, salmon pink cheeks. and pink lips.

One of her front facing eye chips are a special light brown color.
Her stand is dark blue (17.5cm tall)


Facetype: Radiance+
Skin Type: Fair
Make up: light brown eyeshadow, pink lips, salmon pink cheeks
Eye color: Orange (front), Blue (right), Light brown (front, special), Green (left)
Hair color: light brown
Earrings: n/a
Manicure: n/a
Eyelids: default
Eyelashes: default
Set includes: doll, dress, jacket, hat, glasses, tights, shoes, shorts, stand


Shipping: October 21, 2016
Price: ¥18,500

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