Blythe collaborates with ANNA SUI to bring to you: CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe “Blythe Adores ANNA”!


To start off the new year, Blythe will be collaborating with ANNA SUI to bring to you: CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe Blythe Adores ANNA!

Blythe and ANNA SUI, a match made in heaven! ANNA SUI is an outlier even in the fashion world, with collections that really stir your imagination.
Retaining vintage looks while incorporating new and hip ideas, ANNA continues to create lively works that fans all over the world love to wear. Blythe is of course one of them too! Lets share the beauty and imagination of ANNA SUI to all!

Anna Sui is a favorite designer every where around the globe.
From New York to Tokyo she inspires style and glamour in the cutest way possible.
When Blythe wears Anna, she wears confidence and charm in a universal setting.
Thank you Anna! We love you.

Blythe’s name wrapped in ANNA SUI is “Blythe Adores ANNA”. Her fashions truly brought out a new facet of Blythe’s beauty!

The main palette is a chic purple, black and beige.
Her dress is a vintage feeling combination of a lace blouse and a flower print, box pleated skirt. Her accessories are a beret with a rose motif, a quite hard looking pair of sunglasses with an elegant butterfly print on the arms, a pair of butterfly ear rings, a fur shoulder bag, and laced long boots, all expressing an ANNA SUI style look with each item!

Her face type is Radience+ and her face color is Fair (natural).
Her eyes are light blue, gray, purple, and light green (special). A new deep mauve color (a brownish dark purple) will be used for her hair, which is styled with a slight perm. Her eyeshadow is also specially designed, with light brown at the top and a pinkish orange on the edges. Her dark black eye lashes and brown eye lids really compliment each other! Her cheeks are salmon pink, and her lips are beige with a slight hint of pink. Her make up really bring together that charming ANNA SUI look! Her pull ring is replaced with the ANNA SUI logo, with the Blythe logo placed inside the butterfly mark.

We will have a select amount of dolls available for Junie Moon international customers. We will announce purchase information once the official photos are released!

Stay tuned for the final announcement!


New Junie Moon shop opening in Osaka at the charming Horie Shopping District!


Junie Moon is a store dedicated to bringing to you the best Blythe goods and accessories, along with an eclectic array of cute miscellaneous goods.
The inside of the store is decorated with flower patterns in the windows, a bird cage interior, and a lot of goods lined up on the white shelves.
The staff also styles the display dolls regularly, so it’ll be a fun surprise to visit! It will definitely be a store that Osaka residents will want to come back to all the time! This is Junie Moon’s first Osaka store front. We hope to bring in a breath of Daikanyama, and we look forward to seeing you there!

*Salon de Junie Moon will become a space exclusively for work shops once Junie Moon Horie, Osaka opens.

We will be updating you on details, so please look forward to them!

Find us here:
Osaka Horie Junie Moon
Nakazawa Karaki Bldg. 1F
1-14-26 Minami Horie
Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0015

「Junie Moon」大阪・堀江店
〒550-0015 大阪府大阪市西区南堀江1-14-26 中澤唐木ビル1階

Neo Blythe UFO A Go-Go Early Pre-order Begins!


UFO GO GO works at the galaxies biggest space station. Her unique star print coat always draws peoples eyes.
This short coat has a loose band collar with a large rhinestone button.
The checkered dress she wears underneath has cut off sleeves and a silver standing collar, with a hidden alien motif in the pattern!

The formal galaxy print toque she wears has a silver hair band which goes wonderfully with her silver framed glasses.
She also wears long white gloves, silver lamé tights, and silver long boots, all items perfect for coordinating with!

Her face type is Radiance+, and her face color is cream.
Her hair is a greenish-blue bob style, and her eye shadow is blue green with brown eye lashes, with salmon pink cheeks and lips.
Her special eye chips are light blue and light grey, and her stand is silver.


Facetype: Radiance+
Face color: cream (pale)
Make up: eyeshadow - blue green, lips - salmon pink, cheeks - salmon pink
Eye color: light blue (front, special), blue (right), pink (front), light gray (left, special)
Eye lids: default
Eye lashes: brown (special, shape is default)
Hair color: Greenish-blue
Ear rings: n/a
Manicure: n/a
Set includes: Doll, dress, coat, toque, glasses, hair band, gloves, shorts, tights, boots, stand (17.5cm)


Early Pre-order Starts: November 16, 2016
Shipping Date: December 16th, 2016 (Fri)
Price: ¥17,800

Junie Moon Pre-Christmas Sale Part 2


The second phase of the Junie Moon Pre-Christmas Sale has started! We now have bundles on select Blythe dolls with a discount of 15% off!

We only have 10 of each bundle available, so get your order in fast!

*Prices only available from November 14 - December 24.
* Available only while supplies last.


A perfect outfit for Christmas! Junie Moon Dolly Wear “ Candy Cane Elf ” is here!


So many events in the winter! Once Halloween is over Christmas is around the bend!

Why not bring in the holiday cheer with Junie Moon Dolly Wear’s christmas offering!

A candy cane dress and fur beret!
The three tiered skirt is wonderfully volumetric, and their candy cane glossiness is sure to bring the christmas spirit! Let this Candy Cane Elf bring you all of the seasons mirth!

Junie Moon Dolly Wear “ Candy Cane Elf ”
Two types: Red, Green
22cm doll size (Neo)
Set includes: dress, fur beret, fur shawl, tights
Packaged in PP baggies
*does not include doll, doll shoes


Price: ¥6,980
Shipping Date: November 12th

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