Video: Junie Moon Beauty Up Hair Care

Junie Moon team has made a special video on how to wash and clean your Blythe doll’s hair style!

Watch the video above and let’s Beauty Up!

Neo Blythe Magical World of Sugar Sugar Rune Presents, Chocolat Blythe!


I’m Chocolat Meilleure, a spunky girl with a lot of love!
I’m going to catch everyones hearts using my magic and win the Throne of the Underworld!
Capture your heart! Love and Happiness is mine for the taking!

Blythe has transformed into Chocolat from Anno Moyocos hit comic Sugar Sugar Rune!
Her outfit is loyal to the original but also gives it a Blythe-like charm.

Her signature no sleeve dress and cape is a given, including her witch hat, pendant, and broom.
along with her frog familiar Duke, her accessories include ear rings, gloves, bloomers, knee hgih socks, and strap shoes.

Her face type is Radiance+, and her face color is fair.
Her hair is long in length, parted in the center and permed lightly.
Her hair color is a mix of brown and a reddish brown.
Her eyeshadow is orange-ish brown and her eyelashes are a special black color.
Her eye lids are brown, and her cheeks and lips are salmon pink.
Her eyes are all special colors!

Get ready for Chocolat, coming this winter!
*The illustration is a concept and does not represent the final product.

Available: December 2017
MSRP: 25,600 JPY +tax


Illustration Announcement for Neo Blythe “Gerda Eternity” who travels through the country of sno


Gerda crosses the country of snow and ice looking to visit her friends.
“When I traveled in the world of ice, I found a friend and gave them a gentle hug.
I am happily living in her love.”

Garda Eternity is a kind hearted girl.
She helps her friends in the country of snow and ice.
She is a beautiful and noble princess.
She wears a white dress with white laced hood.
The design incorporates crystal snow motifs in the one piece dress with light blue accent colors. Her accessories include a fur crown, silver fish net tights, and opalescent long boots.
Her elegant coloring matches the beautiful image of snow and ice.

Her face type is Radiance Renew, her face color is cream.
She wears long hair with bangs in a beautiful purpley brown.
She has blue eyeshadow, pink lips and cheeks, with special brown eyelashes.
The special eye color is blue in the front facing gaze.

This is a design illustration, final product may differ from this image.

Release Date: December 2017
Price: 16,900 JPY

The Hasbro Limited Neo Blythe Shelley Victorian release date has been pushed back to November.


The original belt color will be changed from light brown to dark brown.

We apologize for the delay and will announce the release date of Hasbro Limited Shelley Victorian in the near future.

Thank you very much for your patience.

*This item is a Hasbro limited.
This will be sold in Asian countries outside of Japan by Hasbro, the licensee of Blythe.
Sales in Japan will only be handled by Junie Moon stores.
*Because this doll is a Hasbro Limited it will be sold at Junie Moon stores for 23,625 JPY.
Please note this is different than the Manufactured Suggested Retail Price.


Brush Up On Your Skills with the Blythe Customize Technique Hand Book!


Learn about changing eyechips, doing hand painted make up, and a variety of other popular techniques.
This one book will teach you the basics of learning how to make your Blythe one-of-a-kind!

This official Blythe custom hand book has been renewed with a brand new cover and tips that are relevant to newly released Blythes.
Learn about how to use pastel colors to layer make up, how to safely dismantle your Blythe, the correct way to handle an airbrush, how to customize the eye mechanism, or how to create contacts!
This book features a very wide range of useful skills, and even has exclusive interviews with renown creators from around the world.
This book is the perfect first step into becoming a better customizer, for beginners and intermediates alike!

Blythe Customize Technique
Size: H25.7xW18.2cm, soft cover, 127 pages

Topics of Interest
- Basic Blythe Knowledge
- Tools
- How To Customize (Levels 1~3)
- Make Up
- Extra Techniques
- Customizers from Around the World Q&A

Published By Junko Wong, CWC Books
Publishing House: Graphics Sha Co.,Ltd.


Price: 2,200 JPY
Junie Moon Release Date: October 7th, 2017


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