Neo Blythe Jillians Dream Pre-order! Come Take a Stroll Through the Streets of Ginza With Me


In my dreams, I find myself in Ginza. The swan boats, the beautiful restaurants, the glittering lights as I walk down the crowded streets… I find myself nostalgic for the 60’s when I wake from those dreams, so I don my goose coat and make my way to the city.

Jillian is going out to the city with her charming goose coat! Her dress is made with a geese printed fabric, smock embroidered with a low collar and gathered at the waist of the skirt. This dress is covered head to toe with an A line silhouette coat featuring the cutest pair of geese leisurely floating in a pond, surrounded by adorable flower appliqués.

Her hair accessory is a red velvet ribbon, attachable by comb. Her gloves and socks are white, evoking a cleanly elegance. Her shoes are a pair of black, strap on loafers.

Her face type is Radiance Renew, and her face color is Fair.
Her light brown hair is lightly permed and cut straight across the bangs.

One of her front facing eye chips are a special light blue.


Face Type: Radiance Renew
Face Color: Fair
Makeup: Green eyeshadow, Pink lip, Pink cheek
Eye Color: Light Blue (front *Special color), Blue (right), Orange (front), Green (left)
Eyelid: Default
Eyelash: Default
Hair Color: Light Brown
Earrings: N/A
Manicure: N/A
Set Includes: Doll, dress, coat, ribbon, gloves, socks, shoes, shorts, and stand (17 cm)


Preorder Starts: March 20, 2018
Shipping Date: April 20, 2019
Release date: April 20 (Fri), 2018
Price: 17,900 JPY

Middie Blythe “Pebble Cake and Shrinking Alice” Preorder Information


This world is filled with wonders!
Was it because I ate the pebble cake or because I drank the drink?
I’m all small!
Why not enjoy this wonderful tea party until I turn back to my normal size?
Now, eat up this delicious cake!

Pebble Cake and Shrinking Alice’s most prominent features are its apron dress and rabbit ear hair dress.
The dress uses a glossy blue fabric with box pleated lining at the end.
The chest is lined with a shiny organdy fabric.
The dress is covered in Wonderland chic designs, from a diamond design backing, roses, a teapot, a rabbit, a cat, a top hat, playing cards… everything that evokes the world of Alice!
The headdress is a very important point. The pocket watch and ribbon detail are sure to draw eyes at any tea party!
They can also be taken off, turning them into a simple black headdress.
The gold heart earrings, bordered high kneesocks, and strap shoes complete the Alice look.
Her face color is a translucent cream. Her hair is blonde, cut straight across the bangs.
Her eyeshadow is brown, cheeks pink, and lips a blurred pink with a line drawn in the corners of the mouth.


Face Type: Middie Blythe
Face Color: Translucent Cream
Makeup: Brown eyeshadow, blurred pink lip with a drawn in line in the corners of the mouth, pink cheeks
Eye Color: Light blue
Eyelid: Default
Eyelash: Brown with a default shape
Hair Color: Blonde
Earrings: Heart shaped
Manicure: N/A
Set Includes: Doll, dress, headdress, earrings, socks, shoes, shorts, and stand
Preorder Starts: March 9, 2018

Shipping date: March 30, 2018 (Fri)


Price: 12,400 JPY

*Limit one per customer.
*Sold on a first come, first served basis.
*Multiple orders or attempts to purchase more than the allotted limit will result in cancellation.

*The final product may differ.


Blythe “Multi-color Ballpoint Pen” and “A4 Clear File” have arrived!


The Blythe ballpoint pen has 3 easy to use colors. It’s perfect for schedule management and organizing your tasks!  Thee are three pen designs in total: Paris with Jesse, Junie Moon Home Sweet Home, Time for Tea

“Blythe Mulct-color Ballpoint Pen”
Three Designs Available: Paris with Jesse, Junie Moon Home Sweet Home, Time for Tea
Size: 13.5 x 1.2 cm
Ballpoint Pen Ink Type: Oil pen (colors: black, red, blue 0.8 mm)
Made in Japan

Price: 680 JPY


The ever popular Blythe Clear Files are back! The convenient A4 size clear file is convenient for organizing all of your documents and daily necessities.
There are many new designs including: Paris with Jessie, Junie Moon Home Sweet Home, Time for Tea, Garden of Joy, Sherry Victorian, Cherry Beach Sunset
Size: 22 x 13.4 cm
Made in Japan

Price: 300 JPY

New Designs on the Horizon! Jeffrey Fulvimari Clasp Pouches!


These easy to use, beautifully decorated coin pouches are perfect for all of your every day carry needs! The wide mouth comes with a strap loop that can be used to put on chords or chains that can enhance the look or usability of the pouch!

The new designs are “Beauty Land” and “Zig Zag”, both super chic deconstructions of Jeffrey’s style!

Jeffrey Fulvimari Clasp Pouch M-Size
2 Types: Beauty Land, Zig Zag
Size: H12cm x W12cm x D6cm
Material: 100% Cotton, Mouth: Nickle, Clasp Toggle: Acrylic
Made in Japan


Price: 2,000 JPY

New Designs on the Horizon! Jeffrey Fulvimari Reusable Bottles!


“Re-Use” bottles are compatible with both cold and hot drinks, and with its compact 100g size it’s perfect for taking everywhere! A win-win ecological solution for everyone!

The clear exterior is also great for storing ingredients or food. Pack your breakfast in these and know exactly what it is before you open it!
Thanks to Rivers Co., Ltd. who designed this bottle, the wide mouth makes putting anything in and cleaning easy, while the equipped splash guard prevents over pouring or spilling.
Designs are Beauty Land and Zig Zag.

Jeffrey Fulvimari Re-Use Bottle
2 Types: Beauty Land, Zig Zag
Size: H20.5cm x W6.5cm x D6.5cm
Heatproof until: 100℃ (Bottle), 110℃ (Cap), 160℃ (Splash Guard)
Coldproof until: -40℃ (Bottle)
Material: Polyester (Bottle), Polypropelyne (Cap, splash guard)
Made in China

Available: February 24th, 2018 (Sat)
Price: 1,800 JPY + Tax

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