*Updated* Below the Ocean, They Swim Free! Top Shop Exclusive Neo Blythe Mermaid Tasha Coming Soon!


Swimming in the shimmering lights of the sun, it’s as if I’m sunbathing underwater! Oh how I love to be a mermaid!

Mermaid Tasha is a princess who lives in the sea.
On her hips are pink, blue, and purple scales with blue and pink fins. Everyone who lives in the five seas have heard of her beautiful swimming! She also comes with a bathing suit and dress for when she is on land!
Her swimsuit is designed to look like a seashell, with organdy and frills layered to create a very feminine look. Her sundress is perfect for walks along the beach in the hot sun, with shell and star fish designs patterned throughout the fabric. Her accessories are a pink tiara, a star fish and pearl hair clip, and seashell earrings.

Her face type is Radiance Renew, and her face color is snow.
Her hair color is blonde, parted to the side and permed.
Her eye shadow is brown, and her cheeks and lips are pink.
Two of her eye chips are a special light blue and light purple color.

The illustration is a proof of concept and does not represent the final design.


Release Date: June 2018
Price: 17,900 JPY

Pre-order starts from May 10,2018! This is limited one per customer. Sold on a first come, first sold basis.

Pre-order starts for Neo Blythe Seeking Apelles!


As an art student in New York, there isn’t a day I forget the words of the great Grecian painter Apelles.
Nulla Dies Sine Linea.
“Not a day without a line drawn.”
As long as I keep drawing, even one line a day, I will reach greatness!

Seeking Apelles’ wears a fluffy and trendy dress with her favorite casket and backpack.
The gathered off-shoulder sleeves and dotted dress are a perfect look for her artsy demeanor.
On her head is a casket hat with an adorable pompom, decorated with a light colored triangle motif.
Her backpack is practical and can be opened and closed with a fastener, great for any art student carrying around tons of text and art books.
She wears bordered tights and long boots, keeping her light and mobile.

Her face type is Radiance+, and her face color is fair.
Her hair color is brown and her hair is center parted, and permed long.
Her eye shadow is brown, and her cheeks and lips are pink.
One of her front facing eye chips are a special light blue.

Details are subject to change.


Pre-order Begins: April 24, 2018

Release Date: May 2018
Price: 16,900 JPY

Brand New Colors From Blythe Super Deluxe Wig in White/White Gold Mix


There’s nothing Blythe can’t wear that won’t look good on her! Fulfill your fashion dreams with these new hair styles and colors!
This new wig is long with a soft wave, made from a mix of white and white gold.
This nuanced blonde look is versatile and can cover a casual fit to a cool and modern look, and can even transform your Blythe into a fantasy hero. Let your imagination run wild!

Blythe Original Super Deluxe Wig
Soft Wave Long Gold/White Gold Mix
100% Polyester
Made in Japan

Pre-order Starts: April 24
Release Date: May 12th, 2018 (Sat)
Price: 6,800 JPY

* This is a pre-order item and will ship from May 12, 2018.


New Blythe Spring goods!


The smooth and fresh feeling of the new gauze handkerchief is one of the best new additions to your day. The material is both absorbent and breathable. The size and thickness is just right for every day use.

There are 3 designs to choose from:

“Paris with Jessie”
“Junie Moon Home Sweet Home”
“Time for Tea”

This is a prefect spring time item and makes a lovely gift!

Blythe Gauze Handkerchief
Three styles available.
Size: H 34 x W 34 cm

Price: 708 JPY



The popular Blythe pouch is back with new tissue pouch!

In Japan many people carry their own tissues and are given many as promotions at train stations. The question is, how to keep your tissues contained and clean? This handy pouch keeps your tissue packs organized and has an attached zipper compartment for your makeup or bathroom kit!

There are 3 designs to choose from:

“Paris with Jessie”
“Junie Moon Home Sweet Home”
“Time for Tea”

Blythe Tissue Pouch
Three styles available.
Size: H 10 x W 14 x D 2 cm
Material: 100% cotton (lined)
Made in Japan

Price: 1,480 JPY


Junie Moon Dollywear bring Hug-Able Panda, A New Kigurumi for Middie Blythe sized dolls!!


Just by wearing this kigurumi, your Blythe will become like an adorable baby panda!
You won’t be able to hold yourself back from hugging them tightly. And with the 22cm doll kigurumi you’ll be able to make a family of panda’s, both so cute! Enjoy doll life with Hug-Able Panda!

Junie Moon Dolly Wear Hug-Able Panda
20cm Doll Size (Middie Size)
Set Includes: Kigurumi

Package: Card paper, plastic bag
*Does not include doll


Price: 4,000 JPY

** dolls sold separately. Neo Blythe shown for scale.

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