Junie Moon “Dear Darling Fashion for Dolls” First Release with BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT


To commemorate the creation of Junie Moon’s new doll fashion line, Moonlit Forest Aurora Soirée in all it’s mystical glory will be shrunk into a doll-sized dress.
The alluring aurora and fields of roses that were iconic in the original dress will be perfectly recreated.
Wearing matching outfits and going out would be a blast!

Just like the original dress, the materials used are all high quality. From the jumper-skirt, blouse, headdress, tights, and pannier, the entire look is completed to a T.
There are two colors to choose from, pink and blue, so choose the perfect colorway for your doll! We recommend this dress set to both doll fans and lolita fans alike.

“Dear Darling Fashion for Dolls” Moonlit Forest Aurora Soirée”
Colors: Pink and Blue
For 22cm Dolls (Neo Sized)
Set includes: Jumper-skirt, blouse, headdress, tights, and pannier
Package materials: Card paper, plastic bag
*Does not include doll, doll shoes.



Price: 11,800 JPY
Available June 23rd (Sat)

Blythe 17th Anniversary Topics! Here’s This Summer’s Doll and Event News!


The first Neo Blythe was released June 23rd, 2001.
This year is the 17th anniversary since the first Japanese release!
Countless dolls, events, and memories with fans old and new alike have been made since then.
We will continue to release many enchanting dolls, goods, and events in the future!
In the meantime, take a look at what’s coming up this summer:


Junko Wong Interview
Our yearly traditional interview with Blythe’s Creative Producer Junko Wong will be coming soon!
Read about Blythe’s birth, the path to success, about the doll, and what comes after with the person most knowledgeable of Blythe!

Mid-May release


17th Anniversary Doll
This year’s Anniversary, we are releasing a new Anniversary Doll in the summer!
The theme for this year is “Unicorn”.
Its horns are said to heal any disease and will only open it’s heart to those with pure souls.
This year’s Anniversary doll will feature a Blythe that seems as though has melded with a Unicorn.

17th Anniversary Neo Blythe “Unicorn Maiden”
Release: August 2018
Price: 26,700 JPY + tax

Illustration info will be released late May
Final specs will be released late June
Image illustration will be released mid July


Blythe Pop-up Shop “Junie Moon”
A timed exclusive Junie Moon will open in locations at Tokyo, Sendai, Yokohama, Osaka, Hakodate, and more!
We are selling Blythe dolls and goods!

More info will be available mid-may


New events at Junie Moon store locations!
Many new Anniversary events are coming soon.
Look for the perfect dress or take a look at customs, all done by fans for the fans!
Come with your Blythe!

Blythe Summit
June 19th (tue) ~ July 8th (sun)

Osaka, Horie Location
nuts_doll exhibition “Rainbow”
June 14th (wed) ~ June 26th (tue)


Doll clothes brand “Dear Darling Fashion for Doll” debuts!
This summer, Junie Moon Dolly Wear is evolving! We will be releasing a collab dress set with a famous lolita brand as a first release!

New website release mid June


*Please understand the above schedule may change without announcement.

New Blythe Spring goods!


The smooth and fresh feeling of the new gauze handkerchief is one of the best new additions to your day. The material is both absorbent and breathable. The size and thickness is just right for every day use.

There are 3 designs to choose from:

“Paris with Jessie”
“Junie Moon Home Sweet Home”
“Time for Tea”

This is a prefect spring time item and makes a lovely gift!

Blythe Gauze Handkerchief
Three styles available.
Size: H 34 x W 34 cm

Price: 708 JPY



The popular Blythe pouch is back with new tissue pouch!

In Japan many people carry their own tissues and are given many as promotions at train stations. The question is, how to keep your tissues contained and clean? This handy pouch keeps your tissue packs organized and has an attached zipper compartment for your makeup or bathroom kit!

There are 3 designs to choose from:

“Paris with Jessie”
“Junie Moon Home Sweet Home”
“Time for Tea”

Blythe Tissue Pouch
Three styles available.
Size: H 10 x W 14 x D 2 cm
Material: 100% cotton (lined)
Made in Japan

Price: 1,480 JPY


Sugar Sugar Rune x Junie Moon Dollywear Collab!


“Magical Stripe” and “Stardust Black” printed dresses are coming!

Sugar Sugar Rune is Moyoco Anno’s magical love fantasy story.
Chocolat and Vanilla fight to collect the hearts of those in love to decide who will become the Queen of the Underworld!

Their friendships, their love, and the quirky and beautiful world are something to behold.

Junie Moon Dolly Wear will be releasing a pair of dresses inspired by this world with Magical Stripe, a monotone bordered look that would befit any good witch, and Stardust Black, a design that features both Chocolat and Vanilla as stars.

Give your Blythe a witchy makeover with these Sugar Sugar Rune collaborations!

Junie Moon Dolly Wear
Magical Stripe / Stardust Black
22cm Doll Sized (Neo Sized)
Includes: Dress
Packaging: Card paper, plastic bag
*Does not include doll, doll shoes.


Price: 2,800 JPY
Release Date: January 20th (Sat)
* Only 10 of each available.

Blythe Pop-up in Isetan Malaysia

If you live near or traveling to Kuala Lumpur, please check out the Blythe pop-up store at the Isetan Malaysia! It will be there until January 25th.

From Saturday, December 23, Garden of Joy signed posters by Junko Wong will be available for the first 5 people to purchase the CWC Exclusive 16th anniversary Anniversary Neo Blythe “Garden of Joy,” a great Christmas gift for your loved one — or yourself!

Peace and joy to you and your family this holiday season; we hope you have a nice and warm holiday season!

Floor : 1F
Term : 26th.Oct ~ 11th.Jan
Tel : +60-3-2141-7777
HP :  http://thejapanstore.mistore.jp/my/en/index.html



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