Blythe Creative Producer, Junko Wong attends BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT 30th Anni. Party

Blythe Creative Producer, Junko Wong attended the 30th anniversary fashion show for Japanese gothic lolita fashion brand BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT. The event took place at Chinzanso.

This was also the 15th anniversary for ALICE and the Pirates brand. There was a display of many dresses which could only be orders at Ochanokai. The event started with a cocktail hour followed by dinner and the fashion show.

The crowd was a wide variety of people from all over the world. Everyone was dressed in BTSS clothing.


Their mascot, Usakumya-chan came out and gave 10 signed gifts to fans. Then the fashion show started. There was 30 models who wore the intricate and beauitful coordinates of BTSS. The charisma models chose the “Best Dressed” from those in attendance and gave them gifts. One of the “best dressed” was a woman carrying Blythe in our special Junie Moon dollywear dress set collaboration with BTSS.


The fashion show was followed by a talk by the designers for the brand.  They spoke about their inspiration and ideas for the brand and styling.

It was an honor to have Mrs. Junko Wong attend this event. We have been honored to work with this amazing fashion brand in the past with the Junie Moon Dollywear dress sets such as “Sugar Plum Fairy Queen”.

Blythe 15th Anniversary Exhibition “Sweet Celebration” is opening at the Yokohama Doll Museum!



See the entirety of the Blythe collection to celebrate 15 years of Blythe this 2016!

Around 500 Blythes have been made to this day. From Neos, Middies, and everything in between (even some dolls yet to be released), they will all be exhibited at the Yokohama Doll Museum!
Come to see each years respective Anniversary Doll, the myriad of wonderful collaborations with fashion designers all over the world, and the manga and animation themed collar dolls as well!
There will be 15 years worth of Neo and Middie Blythes, and 300 selected Petit Blythes.

There will be a dress up station at the venue where visitors will be able to dress up their own Blythes, along with a corner for creating artwork and taking a Blythe Quiz! Create can badges and take a hair design work shop!

*The Hair Arrange workshop is ¥1,800 per entry (includes a Blythe hair pin) *Please bring your own Blythe doll.
Reservations begin December 3rd (Sat) from the Yokohama Doll Museum homepage!

At the shop, visitors will find Blythe Dolls and goods for all ages, such as stationary goods and smartphone cases, pouches and bags, tableware, snacks, apparel, and calendars and schedule books!

We are waiting for you to visit!

Blythe 15th Anniversary Exhibition
“Sweet Celebration” Yokohama Doll Museum
Open December 3rd, 2016 (Sat) ~ January 22nd, 2017 (Sun)
Venue: Yokohama Doll Museum 3rd Floor Exhibition Room
9:30 ~ 17:00 (16:30 Final day)
Closed every Monday (Closed the next weekday on holidays. *Open on January 3rd. No transfer vacation.)
Closed on December 29th to January 1st.
Admission fee: Adults (15+) |300, Children ¥150
*Museum entrance fee (Adults ¥400/Children ¥200) required

Christmas Windows at Junie Moon!

We love the holidays at Junie Moon! In the tradition of the Isetan and Macy’s holiday window displays please enjoy our Blythe chorus of carolers!






* Display in conjunction with the miyuki odani x MAKI “Doll House 5: Can’t Wait For My Darling” exhibition.

SANDY x SANDY2’s “Idol Collection” Exhibition at Junie Moon!


Nostalgic yet fresh! Toe-ing the line between childhood and adulthood, these beautifully remixed custom dolls will blow you away!

Exhibiting for the first time at Daikanyama Junie Moon, SANDYxSANDY2’s “Idol Collection” will show a side of Blythe that you may not have seen before. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!
Custom dolls and outfits will be sold by lottery on May 16th (Sat). Other dress sets will be exhibited and put on sale at a later date! These will be also be sold via lottery on May 23rd (Sat).
Check out the details on the dolls and dress sets at the Junie Moon Site!

Daikanyama Junie Moon “SANDYxSANDY2 Exhibition”

May 12th, 2015 (Tue) ~ May 31st (Sun)
*Exhibition will close on 4 P.M. during the last day.

Tokyo-to Shibuya-ku Sarugaku-cho 4-3 Suzuen Daikanyama Building 1F
Tel: 03-3496-0740

Business Hours: Tue-Sun, Holidays 11:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays

More images available at our Facebook page

“Blythe Cinema Style” Interview with artist Aya Fujimoto


We were lucky enough to sit down with Blythe Charisma artist Aya Fujimoto. Junie Moon is currently showing an exhibition of her doll featured in the new “Blythe Cinema Style” published by CWC Books.

Read on to learn about her inspiration!


Q 1: Your book “Cinema Style” seems to be a very conceptual fashion book. What are your main influences?
A 1: Many of my influences come from the movies I watched when I was 10 to 20 years old. Among those movies the ones from the 60’s and 70’s made a very big impact on me.

Q 2: How do you do your research about different actresses?
A 2: I watched and re-watched their movies and looked through their photo collections in order to really capture the actresses’ essence. Cinema Style isn’t just about the photos, but is also a means of communication with the reader, so that they can try their hand at the make up and fashion that is in the book. I want my readers to be able to participate and play with out having to resort to complicated techniques. The clothes are designed to be simple and versatile, and the masking tape method was created so that there wouldn’t be too many problems with applying make up.
Q 3: Your brand name is OUIOUI. Can you tells us a bit about the influence of France and French films on your work?
A 3: Of all the genres in French cinema, my favorite are musicals. The beautiful colors, cinematography, not to mention the melodies that the beautful actresses dance to and the fashions they are in make me feel so happy. This happiness really motivates me to create new pieces.

Q 4: What is your favorite French New Wave film?
A 4: I really enjoy the movies made by Godard. There are three movies that he made that has had a direct influence in some of the photos in Cinema Style. The film I most adore by him is A Woman Is a Woman. Anna Karina’s beauty and coquettishness is so bright in this film, that even though Godard is known for his tragedies, I can still feel surrounded by joy through her.

Q 5: Please describe your brand style in 3 words.
A 5: Happiness, Smiles, and Love

Q 6: How does the influence of film reflect in Blythe? Do you see her as an actress or muse?
A 6: All of the inspiration I gained from movies I pour into Blythe’s fashion, hair, and make up. Blythe is both a muse and an actress to me. When I dress her in my newly created dress or hat and transforms to a new persona, she is my actress. When I get to meet new people through Blythe and encounter new forms of happiness and joy, she is my muse.

Thank you to Fujimoto sama for the interview!

You can purchase her new book “Blythe Cinema Style” now from Junie Moon online shopping!


1,800 JPY

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