JM 10th Anniversary: Odani Miyuki X Junie Moon collaboration dress sets


This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Junie Moon with year long campaigns and collaborations. April will bring a wonderful collaboration with Junie Moon and Japanese doll artist Odani Miyuki!

From Blythe custom dolls to dress sets and prop making, there isn’t a Blythe fan in the world who is not familiar with the work of Odani Miyuki. Best known possibly for her collaboration with CWC and Blythe the Neo Blythe “Margo Unique Girl” and the Blythe stationary goods in “Fashionista Molly and Nelliey”. She has been represented by CWC as an original Blythe artist and she currently works as a freelance designer and doll artist.

This is your chance to have a lovely, finely crafted dress set by one of the premier Blythe artists. There will be three dress sets in all with two color ways each style.


“Fluffy Puff Tutu”
A multi-layered chiffon and tulle micro tutu, the pearls and ribbons on the shoulder strings, and many other signature Odani Miyuki characteristics make this dress set a must have.
The frilled lace socks, dotted tulle ribbon, and the fluffy tutu together will create a cute ballerina styled outfit.

Set includes:
One-piece dress, head dress, socks
Release Date: April 2014
Sale Price: ¥6800
Colorways: Pink/Blue


“Bonbon Bear”
The puffed, round sleeves, wide skirt, and printed bears make this dress set a cute and fun take on a classic look.
The roundness of the sleeves were created by folding the cuffs inward, creating this dress’s signature silhouette.
The dotted tulle over-knee socks and large satin ribbon head piece is the cherry on top of this vintage style.

Set includes:
One-piece dress, head dress, socks
Release Date: April 2014
Sale Price: ¥6300
Colorways: Strawberry Strawberry/Vanilla Mint


“Angel Cross”
Adorned with delicate laced sleeves, a long tulle skirt, and a flower crown, this dress set will make any Blythe look like an angel floating down from heaven.
The tricot and dotted tulle used in the skirt are extremely light weight materials, giving it a light, floating impression.
The cross printed at the chest is intended to not be too sweet, but simple and versatile.

Set includes:
One-piece dress, Head dress
Release Date: April 2014
Sale Price: ¥6300
Colorways: White (Michael)/Black (Gabriel)


●Odani Miyuki Bio (Original Blythe Artist for CWC)
Formed the creative unit “Alfort” with her friends, publishing a book on sweets called Alfort Yougashiten as well as working on CD jacket designs and writing in magazines.
She has had solo shows in both Japan and New York.
She is now working as a solo Blythe doll outfit designer and customizer.
She is the lead designer on the “Fashionista Nelly and Molly” line of CWC endorsed Blythe goods. She has taught workshops in Tokyo and Osaka on creating doll props. In March of 2012, she collaborated with CWC to create “Margo Unique Girl.”

We will have these amazing dress sets available in mid-April! Please check back to our site.

Junie Moon Dollywear collaboration with SILVER BUTTERFLY


This months Junie Moon Dollywear dress set is a special collaboration with Japanese doll artist SILVER BUTTERFLY.

These soft and gorgeous dresses are all hand sewn by the artists. You will marvel at the detail and craftsmanship of these tiny dresses.

Here’s a message from SILVER BUTTERFLY:

We’ve created two soft and gentle dresses.

There are two styles of dresses we made. They are sleeveless with pin-tucked bodices. The translucency of the tulle and luster of the overlaying fabric gives a delicate and soft feeling.
The short dress has a ribbon tie in the back, while the long dress ties in the front. Mixing textures of the fabrics has a subtle but romantic look.

We hope you enjoy these dresses!

There are two styles to chose from; long or short.


** Purchase the Echo (long) here **


** Purchase Echo (short) here **


Each dress set comes with the following:
One-piece dress, pannier, and socks.

Price: 6,930 JPY

* Please note dress set does not include hair ornaments, bouquet, shoes or doll.

This special collaboration is only available from Junie Moon!

About the Artist: maman


LELE Junie Moon is a lifestyle shop in Shinjuku, Japan. We curate a variety of goods and specialize in handmade goods by local Japanese artists. We celebrate Mori Girl and romantic accessories to fit a natural and sweet lifestyle.

We are pleased to introduce you to LELE artist maman. Her handmade bags and pouches are made from vintage fabrics. The beautiful details and sweet styling feel nostalgic and romantic.

We sat down for an interview with maman to find out more about her inspiration and vision as an artist.

Q: What is your inspiration for your bags?
A:  We work in an area with a lot of greenery and you can distinctly feel the four seasons, from the window you can see trees, mountains, flowers, the environment itself is a huge inspiration.

Q: How long have you been creating these pieces?
A:  It has been about 6 years since we’ve started maman.  My 3 daughters have graduated from college, I used to make clothes and bags for them when they were little.

Q: How would you want people to live with your bags? To dress up or day to day wear?
A:  With a detailed bag like the house bag, it would be great to take for a special occasion.  The fabric bags or the pochette would be more for a casual day.  These bags are durable and have heard people taking maman bags on daily commutes.  A lot of people tend to comment on these bags when people carry them around, that is one aspect that drives me to make these bags.

Q: If you had one wish, what would that be?
A: I would like to stay healthy and if I’m able to make these bags for a little longer, I’ll be very happy. 

Thank you to maman for this wonderful interview!

You can find her bags and pouches at the LELE Junie Moon page. All of these goods are available only from Junie Moon!


Artist Biography:
“maman” Takako Arata

Maman is a maman of 3 daughters, a brand that offers hand made bags by Takako and little crafts.  These products are not made in the intention of making revenue, but on the contrary a way to express one self through these products, each piece is crafted with an abundance love. 
Highlights include house bag, all the stitching and embroidery is all done by hand, each piece takes 4 days to construct.

☆☆☆ New Custom Blythe Page ☆☆☆

For many Blythe fans have the dream of owning their very own custom Blythe dolls.


We are pleased to announce the launch of our custom Blythe page at Junie Moon online shopping!
Here we will present one-of-a-kind works of art, in the medium of “Blythe”!

Please see the beautiful offerings from Japanese dolls artists Miyuki Odani and Saki Yamashita, and Taiwan artist

We hope to bring you the best of all things Blythe from some of the best doll artists from around the world!

♥♡♥ Custom Blythe dolls this way! ♥♡♥

Miyuki Odani Remakes Thumpty Thump for Taiwan!

CWC Exclsuive Blythe artist, Miyuki Odani transformed her Thumpty Thump into a dramatic and cotton candy haired girl of mystery.
Miyuki Odani has handmade all of the clothing including the gorgeous hat! The soft mohair wefting dramatically changes her look, and gives
“Moira” an ethereal atmosphere.

See this lovely girl in person at the Blythe Manga Girls Inspiration event in Taiwan this weekend. She will also we sold exclusively through Junie Moon!


Artist: Miyuki Odani
Doll name: Moira
Price: 130,000JPY


Sugar-coated eyelashes, peachy blush and cotton candy hair.
Her soft, glossy lips will whisper many secrets to you!
Sweet, sweet Moira.

Outfit and custom:
Her charm points are fluffy hair and subtle freckles.
Light warm colors are used for her makeup.
The delicate lace on the dress finely decorates the look.
The handmade flowers are sawed on the trad-style mini hat. She is sweet and mysterious, and will bring you much joy!

* Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this doll.

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