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Happy 2018! Junie Moon Lucky Bags are here!

Welcome 2018 with the much anticipated Junie Moon Lucky Bag!
This is a special promotion.  Blind bags are sold and customers get the surprise for what is inside!  Junie Moon Lucky Packs are limited ONE PER CUSTOMER. Multiple orders will be cancelled.  Sold on a first come, first served basis

We have 3 kinds of lucky bags available:


June Moon Lucky Bag- 100,000 JPY
(Blythe Doll & Zakka)
Contents: 2 Neo Blythe, 1 Middie Blythe, 2 Petite Blythe, approximately 27 pieces of Blythe goods.
Price: 100,000 yen
5 available


Possible doll list includes the following and others:

Allie Gabrielle
Bloomy Bloomsbury
Cassiopeia Spice
Cinnamon Girl
Curly Blue Babe
Hatsune Miku Meets Blythe
Heart of Montmartre
Honey Bunny Once More
Inspired by Pinafore Purple
le jardin de maman
Prima Dolly Melon
Red Delicious
Tea For Two Encore
Veronica Lace

Cool Pool Lemonade
Little Duchess Georgette
Little Lily Brown
Melanie Ubique Girl
Oski tebyA lyublyU
Parson Grace
Twinkle Princess

Cocoa Butter
Suzume no Uta
Tick Tock Rabbit
Ho, Ho, Ho
Muchacha Zukin
Lily Wild
and more!
** Customers cannot request which dolls are in the lucky packs. All goods and dolls are surprise until the customer receives the package.


June Moon Lucky Pack- 50,000 JPY  
(Blythe Doll & Zakka )
Contents: 1 Neo Blythe, 1 Middie Blythe, approximately 18 pieces of Blythe goods
Price: 50,000 JPY
4 available


Possible dolls:

Bow Wow Trad
Cherie Babette
Cherry Beach Sunset
Dark Rabbit Hole
Junie Moonie Cutie
Marrakech Melange
Snowflake Sonata

Alicia Cupcake
Cherish Me Always
Contessa Margherita
Francoise Ananassa
Nekogutsu Zukin


Junie Moon Dollywear Set Lucky Bag- 13,000 JPY
Contents: 5 sets of Junie Moon Dollywear
* Neo and Middie both included at random.
Price: 13,000 JPY
3 available


Please note:  

These dolls are not covered by the exchange policy by either Junie Moon nor TakaraTomy.  They cannot be returned.

The dolls have been taken out of the outer carton and examined through the window of the display boxes, but they display boxes have not opened.  From what can be seen through the window, the doll makeup looks fine, the hair, body, and outfit cannot be examined.

Junie Moon Lucky Packs are limited ONE PER CUSTOMER. Multiple orders will be cancelled.  Sold on a first come, first served basis

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