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The Hasbro Limited Neo Blythe Shelley Victorian release date has been pushed back to November.


The original belt color will be changed from light brown to dark brown.

We apologize for the delay and will announce the release date of Hasbro Limited Shelley Victorian in the near future.

Thank you very much for your patience.

*This item is a Hasbro limited.
This will be sold in Asian countries outside of Japan by Hasbro, the licensee of Blythe.
Sales in Japan will only be handled by Junie Moon stores.
*Because this doll is a Hasbro Limited it will be sold at Junie Moon stores for 23,625 JPY.
Please note this is different than the Manufactured Suggested Retail Price.


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Brush Up On Your Skills with the Blythe Customize Technique Hand Book!


Learn about changing eyechips, doing hand painted make up, and a variety of other popular techniques.
This one book will teach you the basics of learning how to make your Blythe one-of-a-kind!

This official Blythe custom hand book has been renewed with a brand new cover and tips that are relevant to newly released Blythes.
Learn about how to use pastel colors to layer make up, how to safely dismantle your Blythe, the correct way to handle an airbrush, how to customize the eye mechanism, or how to create contacts!
This book features a very wide range of useful skills, and even has exclusive interviews with renown creators from around the world.
This book is the perfect first step into becoming a better customizer, for beginners and intermediates alike!

Blythe Customize Technique
Size: H25.7xW18.2cm, soft cover, 127 pages

Topics of Interest
- Basic Blythe Knowledge
- Tools
- How To Customize (Levels 1~3)
- Make Up
- Extra Techniques
- Customizers from Around the World Q&A

Published By Junko Wong, CWC Books
Publishing House: Graphics Sha Co.,Ltd.

MSRP: 2,200 JPY + Tax
Junie Moon Release Date: October 7th, 2017

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New colors for “Blythe Original Super Deluxe Wig” coming soon!


If you’re looking to change your Blythe’s look, the best way to do it is with a wig!
Length, color, curling, anything can be customized to your own liking.

Applying the wig is really easy, simply tuck your Blythe’s original hair neatly into the wig cap and place the wig over it.
You can even hair iron it, creating the curls you want! Colors come in two tone and gradations, giving your Blythe a brand new look.
The fourth installment of wigs come in Long Straight/Brown and Pink Mix, Soft Wave/Blue and Mint Blue Mix, Soft Wave/Rosy Brown and Pale Brown Mix.

Blythe Original Super Deluxe Wig
3 types: Long Straight/Brown and Pink Mix, Soft Wave/Blue and Mint Blue Mix, Soft Wave/Rosy Brown and Pale Brown Mix
Materials: 100% Polyester
Made in Japan

Available October 21st (Sat)
Price: 6,800 JPY

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Junie Moon Obon Holiday Closure

Dear Junie Moon friends,

Junie Moon online shopping site will be observing the Japanese Obon holiday schedule.

During this time our customer service representatives will not be available.

We will be closing for the Obon Holiday from August 11- August 16.
All orders placed between August 7 and August 16 will ship on August 21.

Please note, Junie Moon customer service will also be off for the holiday. All customer service questions and communication will resume after the holiday on August 16.
Thank you for your continued support of Junie Moon and have a lovely holiday!

Have a happy summer!

Warmest Regards,

Junie Moon Staff

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Junie Moon Dollywear X MAKI, to bring to you Sparkling Dots and Blooming Waltz!


MAKI is known for her cute and dreamy style, which we translated into an amazingly cute dress!

The two sets consist of the adorable frill collared dress and the peplum silhouetted dress set, both adorned with MAKI’s original rabbit and kitty drawings!

Both are very floaty, photogenic dresses so put them on your favorite Blythe’s and take them out to take photos!

The card on the back of the package can also be turned into a cute little mini magazine, all drawn by MAKI!

- A comment from the Artist -
Sparkling Dots
I imagined a fashionable young girl who loves to go to parties and shop with her friends when creating this dress.
Some of the details include a large-latched clutch, an illustrated rabbit wearing a ribbon printed on the chest, a ribbon head dress made from dotted tulle, see through puff sleeves, and a gingham skirt with a sparkly logo printed on top.
Have fun coordinating with this poppy energetic look!

Blooming Waltz
This dreamy look is achieved with a layered collar lace head dress made to look as if a flower is gently blooming, and a drawing of a bunch of playing kitties.

- About the Artist -

He work consists mainly of cute and dreamy drawings of vintage-like animals, titled “Dreamin’ Tiny Pets”.
From fashion design, character work, to magazine work, he is currently working on many fronts.


Sparkling Dots
Pink, Blue
22cm Doll size (Neo Size)
Set includes: Dress, ribbon with a comb attached, socks, bag
Package Materials: Card paper, plastic bag
Sales Price: 7,200 JPY

Blooming Waltz
Cream, Purple
22cm Doll size (Neo Size)
Set includes: Dress, pannier, ribbon with a comb attached, tights
Package Materials: Card paper, plastic bag
Sales Price: 7,200 JPY

*Does not include doll or doll shoes.

Available: August 5 here on JM international online shopping

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