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Neo Blythe “Vera Florentine” is a tom-boy on an adventure!


“Vera Florentine” is interested in so many things!
She is enraptured in the story of the fox and cats.
She’s so close to playing with them but she has to be careful.
She loves to study hard and is a good girl!
“Vera Florentine”s outfit is in a cute tom-boy style. 
The color palette is retro with simple and warm colors. 
The overall style is that of a character from a children’s story.
Organza and stain ribbon decorate the neck of the red flower patterned blouse.
Her salopette pants have cute fox and cat appliqué.
The cute wooden buttons on her pants brings an interesting texture to the look.
Don’t forget her orange felt hat which she can never leave home without!
The hat has a cute accent of rope cord around the brim.
She has green socks and brown workboots, perfect for running around in the forest.
The face type is Radiance +, face color is fair (natural skin).
Her hair is light brown, her hair style is short with bangs in a bob with a soft perm.
She wears yellow eyeshadow, with salmon pink lips and cheek.
She has one set of special blue green eye chips with a left glance.


Face Type: Radiance+
Face Color: Fair (Natural Skin)
Makeup: Yellow eyeshadow, Salmon Pink Lip and Cheek
Eye Color: Orange (front), Blue (right), Pink (front), Blue Green (Special eye color *left)
Eyelash: Default
Hair Color: Light Brown
Set Includes: Doll, blouse, salopette pants, hat, shorts, socks, shoes, stand (17.5 cm), and paper accessories

Release Date: August 25, 2017
Price: 16,900 JPY

** You can purchase this doll from our website on August 12 for preorder.
* Please note the hair has been arranged for the photos.

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A Middie with a devilish fashion sense is born! Middie Blythe Cute Little Dee is coming!


As hard as I try, it’s hard for me to be mean…
I look like a devil? But my heart is as pure as an angel’s!
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Cute Little Dee wants to become a gentle and fashionable fashion leader in the underworld.
Her fashion style is just like Devi Delacour, but with a Cute Little Dee flair, creating a hell of a lovable style.

Her clothes revolve around a monotone/red color scheme, with bat motifs and hearts and ribbons added.
Her top is a no sleeve, monotone checkered dress with bat wings and a horned hood.
Her accessories include a fork adorned with bat wings and lace up boots.

Her face color is fair.
Her hair is a bobbed brunette.
Her eye shadow is brown, and her cheeks and lips are a bright rose pink.
Her eyelashes are the default shape, with added blue and dark brown eye lines, a new style for middies.
And her eyechips are pink.

The illustration is a concept and does not represent the final product.

Release Date: September 2017
Price: 12,400 JPY

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CWC Exclusive 16th Anniversary Neo Blythe “Garden of Joy” Release Information


Garden of Joy will be blossoming into the sunlight for this coming 16th year anniversary!

Her name is Garden of Joy.
She wishes to bring love and happiness to everyone from her garden.
What’s most important is beauty, gentleness, and hope.
We wish for everyone to be filled with these things and more the 16th Anniversary of the Neo Blythe.

Garden of Joy’s fashion is drawn from the long flowing dresses and flower crown worn by goddesses in many different myths and fables.
The silhouette is a long dress with a long tail in the back, with a basic coloring of light green and white.
Her dress is made with layers of transparent fabrics such as satin and organdy, with the main skirt being printed with an assortment of different flowers.
Her frilly organdy overskirt gives her an ethereal presence.

The back of the dress is beautifully adorned with a short train and ribbons.

The tiara she wears is swarmed with beautiful butterflies and flowers, and her ear rings are a pair of adorable flowers and lace, and a pair of just ribbons.
Her shoes are a pair of simple pearl green pumps.

Her face type is Radiance Renew, and her face color is a translucent cream.
Her hair color is a mix of purple brown and blonde, permed lightly.

There are a few special specs in her make up!
Her eyeshadow uses two colors, brown and green, and her pink lips were colored with a puffy lipped mask.

Her cheeks are pink, her eyelids are light brown, and her special shaped eyelashes are light brown.
Her eye chips are light brown, light blue, light purple, and light green, all special colors.


Face Type: Radiance Renew (A new mold based on the previous Radiance model)
Face Color: Cream (translucent)
Make Up:Eyeshadow: Brown × Green, Rip: Pink (Plumped shape) / Cheek: Pink
Eye Color: Light green (front), light blue (right), light purple (front), light brown (left) * All special color
eyelid:Light brown (molded color)
Eye Lashes: light brown (Special specification)
Hair Color: Purplish brown×Blond Mix color
Ear Rings: flower,ribbon
Set Includes: Doll, dress, underskirt, head accessories (tiara, corolla), ear rings(flower,ribbon), shorts, shoes, stand (12cm tall)

Lottery Starts: July 31

Release Date: September 15th, 2017 (Fri)
Retail Price: 27,700 JPY

** We will have a lottery for this item. Please come back to our website on July 31, for the lottery entry form.
** Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified as soon as the lottery opens.


* Please note there are a few changes to the lottery. 
We only accept ONE lottery entry per IP address. 
Our lottery form will not allow multiple entries from one IP address.
This is to prevent lottery ballot flooding and to keep the lottery fair for everyone. 
We urge people to not make multiple entries, as they will be deleted.

All payments will be processed by PayPal.

Important Information:

1. Only 1 lottery entry per IP ADDRESS is accepted. Multiple entries will be deleted.

2. Shipping address and customer information cannot be changed after you enter the lottery.

3. Only lottery winners will receive a PayPal payment invoice.

4. Customers are limited to the purchase of one doll per payment invoice

5. Additional items cannot be added to the lottery purchase, we apologize for this inconvenience.

6. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB credit cards or Paypal.

7. Please be sure to make payment before the deadline.
*Your information will be sent to us securely, stored securely and will only be used for this lottery. All data is erased after the lottery closes.

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Announcing 2018 Blythe Wall and Desktop Calendars!



Spend a wonderful 2018 with Blythe!

For every month, every event and holiday, every important memory you make in 2018, Blythe will be there with you!

For each month, a new and unique Blythe will be featured, from the quiet and reserved, the fantastical, mischievous, princess-like, and even a relaxed beach resort Blythe. Both Neo and Middie will be featured!
The cover is Garden of Joy, this years anniversary doll.
Find the calendar by looking for the cover with a beautiful garden on it!
Chronicle your every day, and keep up with your schedule with Blythe!

Choose the wall hanging version or the desktop version by your convenience.
The desktop versions can be reused as post cards after the month has passed.


2018 Blythe Wall Calendar “Lasting Hour”
Size: H26cm x W25.5cm (When open: H52cm x W25.5cm)
28 Pages
Made in Japan


Price: ¥1,580


2018 Blythe Desktop Calendar “Happy Delight”
Size: H16cm x W20cm x D7cm (When set up, including the back)
12 carsd + cover (Photo can be taken apart to turn into a postcard)
Made in Japan


Price: ¥1,470


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New Blythe Schedule Book are coming!

This years schedule book starts from September, perfect for those who want a early and fresh start at the new year.
Not only is Blythe on the cover, but will be featured heavily within the book as well.
Choose from either the graceful and serene CWC Exclusive Garden of Joy or the mature and cool Stella Serendipitous!


The soft cover has a rail fastener pocket, which is perfect to store small memos or valuables. In this book, the weeks start on Mondays, has a yearly and monthly calendar, a schedule planning section, and a note taking section. Both designs use the same interior features.

2018 Blythe Schedule Book
Two types: Garden of Joy (CWC Exclusive), Stella Serendipitous
Size: B6 size  H18.2×W12.8cm
Includes soft cover with a transparent pocket, annual calendar, annual schedule planner, monthly pages, and note pages. Weeks start on Mondays. Begins on September 2017
PVC clear cover
Made in Japan


Available August 10th, 2017 (thu)
Price: 1,400 JPY

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