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All orders, unless stated, will ship within 10 days of the date you placed your order on.

Delivery time 
Estimated delivery time is 1 week for Japan Post EMS Service.

Delivery time is an ADDITIONAL 2 weeks for SAL Japan Post shipping. SAL is slow shipping service, however costs more than EMS. This is best for countries with high VAT Tax.

Tracking is not instant for SAL shipping so you parcel will be untrackable for two weeks until it arrives in your country, it is not priority shipping.

SAL is not available for the following countries:




We ship international orders once a week. The cut off day is Tuesday of each week with those orders shipping on the Friday. Tracking numbers are sent the following day.

We ship all international orders via Japan Post's Express Mail Service (EMS) from Tokyo, Japan. EMS is quick, reliable, trackable and relatively inexpensive way of shipping to most places in the world from Japan.

Domestic orders (to Japanese addresses) are shipped via Sagawa Express. Tracking for Sagawa can be found here:

Please note, we cannot ship to PO or APO addresses as we use express services and each package requires a signiture for delivery.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are based on the weight of all the items in your order and the EMS delivery zone your shipping address is in. Handling costs are also included. Any import taxes or duties you may be asked to pay on delivery are not included, see explanation below.

Shortly after your order ships we will update your order with a Japan Post EMS tracking number and notify you.  You can use your EMS tracking number to check on the delivery status of your shipment on Japan Posts EMS tracking page.



Blythe Doll Customer Service Policies

 * Be sure to read through the Frequently Asked Questions, so see if your doll is elible for exchange.

Tomy Co. Ltd. (Takara Tomy) has changed its “Blythe Customer Service Policy”and has ended
its service for overseas customers.  Junie Moon will now be handling aftercare services for the Blythe doll.

Customers outside of Japan who have purchased a Blythe Doll at a Junie Moon Ltd. store front,
aftercare services will be available at Junie Moon Ltd. store.
If you are in need of support, please contact the Junie Moon store where you purchased your doll.
A receipt of purchase will be required.  Junie Moon International Online customers automatically have a receipt.

Junie Moon stores:
Junie Moon Daikanyama
Junie Moon Horie, Osaka
Junie Moon Shinjuku,
Junie Moon International Online Shop

  *For Junie Moon Online Shop Japan services customers living in Japan, Takara Tomy will continue to provide customer service.

Tomy Co.  Ltd. After Service Policies
As stated by Tomy Co. Ltd. Manufacturer
*Policies listed are included in the package.
We will not exchange or replace dolls that have been:
1)Purchased more than six months earlier than the date of the receipt.
2)Repaired, customized, or damaged after purchase
3)Stained, scratched or altered after purchase
4)Purchased through any shop, auction, or secondary market that
  does not hold a current Official Blythe Shop certificate.
※The manufacturer may reserve the right to refuse to exchange dolls
  for reasons other than stated above.

Tomy Co. Ltd. will exchange for the following reasons
- Lacks pieces, features in the product; missing contents from the full product.
- Eyes are unchangeable, legs and/or arms are missing; product is not properly put together.
- Scratches, scuffs, make-up paint uneven, smeared, damaged,
  flaking or wrong color on the face visible 35cm from the product.
- Over 1mm discrepancy in the molding of the product.
- Over 1cm of damage visible on the packaging.
- Other defects will be judged on a product-by-product basis.

Junie Moon Ltd. Exchange policy

Customers exchanging defective dolls pay for shipping to: 
Junie Moon Exchanges in Tokyo, Japan
** CUSTOMERS MUST contact us first at the Junie Moon customer service contact page. We will explain the whole exchange process.
Do not send dolls back to Junie Moon directly.
** We can only exchange a nude doll to replace for damage to the doll, no complete new packages.
If you return an opened package for exchange, we will return the same package to you after replacing the defective parts
Junie Moon will pay for return shipping of replacement doll to the customer.
*We will be unable to provide services if there is no receipt of the transaction from the Junie Moon stores.

* Junie Moon will only be able to process exchanges from orders placed on or the affiliated Junie Moon stores listed above.
*By checking out and placing your order you agree to terms and conditions for the exchange policy.
*If the package has been opened, we can only provide exchange service for faulty parts.
 (The service extends only to the product itself, not to any of the packaging.)
 A Junie Moon shop associate will provide a replacement.  If you are unsatisfied
 with the replaced product, we will exchange the product one more time.
The maximum amount of exchanges for a damaged item is two replacements.
*If the packaging has not been opened, we will be able to trade a un-opened package
 as a replacement. In this case, we can only allow one replacement to occur.
 We can only exchange a full product once.  There will be no additional exchange available for a full product.
 We highly advise the customer to open their package completely to check all the parts before requesting an exchange.
*There will be no refunds for Blythe dolls, only exchanges.

By clicking the “I Agree” button at the time of checkout you confirm that you agree to the above terms. You will not be able to check out without agreeing to the terms.

Your invoice receipt email is proof of agreement.
Please keep this receipt with your doll.

Exchanges can not be made without a receipt and Junie Moon order number.

Junie Moon reserves the right to refuse exchanges and refunds based on the exchange requirements set forth by Takara Tomy.

* To best help answer your questions, please be sure to check the F.A.Q.


Order changes

You may ask us to change your order before it ships, but you must do so within 24 hours of ordering or there will be 5% Order Change fee added to the total of your order.

Lost shipments

Please use your EMS tracking number to check the status of your shipment. If your shipment has not arrived in your country please let us know and we will look into it. If your shipment has arrived in your county, but not at your destination address please check with your local post office, delivery within your country is the responsibility of your local post office.

Returned shipments

If your shipment is returned due to an error in the shipping address you entered, you will be required to pay the cost of shipping a second time. If the error is ours, we will ship your order again at no additional cost to you.

Import taxes and duties

Import taxes and duties are not included in the cost of your order. Payment of any taxes or duties that may be requested on delivery to your country is your responsibility. Please check what taxes and duties apply in your country to be sure.

Shipping within Japan

Japanese tax fee will be added to anything shipped within Japan.

The shipping fee on this site is different from Japanese Online Shopping site.

Placing an order

To place an order, add items to your cart and checkout.
Important - Checkout is not possible if your order subtotal (excluding shipping cost) is below 1,000 JPY.

Paying for an order

You can pay in one of many currencies with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club, JCB and PayPal.

Please note, if you pay with an eCheck through PayPal there will be aleast 5 days delay in your shipping as eCheck takes 3 days to clear on average.