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Junie Moon Dollywear "Kira Kira Christmas"

The holidays are coming! Get your Middie Blythe in the spirit of the holiday with this Santa dress and hat! Available exclusively from Junie Moon.

Shipping November 11

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CWC EX Neo Blythe "Junie Moonie Cutie" Lottery

Time to celebrate Junie Moon's 10th Anniversary!

Lottery Starts December 1

Lottery Ends December 8


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Junie Moon Dollywear “Plum Blossom”- Neo & Middie Blythe Kimono Set | 2014 - 12 - 17

Junie Moon Dollywear “Plum Blossom”-Middie Sized Kimono Set (20cm Doll) 2015 is just around the corner, why not dress your Blythe in traditional Japanese New Years regalia? Junie Moon Dollywear brings to you a Middie sized kimono set in time for New Years Eve! Even the most precocious of girls will transform into a gentlewoman in this dress set. From the first dawn of the year to visiting the temple with your friends this set will definitely make your New Years experience one to… Read More »

Exotic Moroccan patterns are sure to intrigue with Neo Blythe "Marrakech Melange" | 2014 - 12 - 17

As the beautiful aromas of a potpourri waft through the sunset sky, the bazaar begins to close up for the day. My accessory shop had many customers today, and many of my ear rings and ribbons were sold! Time to close up shop and get some rest. Tomorrows a new day! Accessories are essential to any dress set. My dream is to make many pretty accessories and have many people enjoy them! Marrakech Melange is a popular accessory designer in Morocco. Her emerald green hair gracefully… Read More »